Wednesday, 20 August 2014

*Pretty Vintage Suitcase Cabinet*

How fun is this idea for a vintage suitcase!
This pretty is from House to Home but something similar was recently on
Although they used it in a bathroom & this idea is from the bathroom section of House to Home too but surely they would just get damp in a bathroom, what do you think?
I think this would be better suited for a bedroom or dressing room (if you are lucky enough to have one that is).
It would be so pretty to display your perfume bottles, creams, lotions & jewellery like in the photo.
They have lined it with pretty wallpaper & you could perhaps source some pretty vintage wallpaper for this. It also looks like they have made a little wooden frame to put in the suitcase to make shelves - you may be lucky enough to find an old one that fits a suitcase or cut one down to size then just line with your wallpaper.
Just pop some little hooks on the inside lid of the case to hand jewellery or pretty hearts.
This would look very pretty open on a dressing table wouldn't it?
Photo by Trevor Richards


  1. I watched Kirstie and thought the sream in the bathroom would spoil the old case. It is a lovely idea though x

    1. I know it is a lovely idea but seems so wasted on a bathroom - it surely would get ruined in no time!!! I do think it would be much better suited for the bedroom filled with pretty perfumes, creams & jewellery.
      Thanks for popping by.


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