Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Sweet Vintage Nursery Chair

I'm joining in on the British Gas History of Home Competition currently being held where someone will win £500 of John Lewis vouchers!!!
Woo Hoo!
How fab is that?
To enter you need to pop a photo of your favourite nostalgic item, so here is mine!
My favourite nostalgic item is this super adorable little chair.
It was my Great-Grandmothers nursery chair & it was passed down through the family, it was passed to my Nana first of all & I remember using this at my her house when I was little along with my cousins, it had a little lifting seat so that you could pop a potty underneath but my Granddad nailed it down as our chubby little legs kept getting trapped in it apparently!!!

I used to really love this chair when I was little, there is something special about little things made for children when you are little isn't there, it feels almost magical.
When my Nana passed away in 1998 my Mum got the chair as she was the oldest of 3 girls.
Sadly my Mum passed away in 2011 & so the chair has been passed to me, very gratefully by my Dad & my sisters (even though I'm the youngest of 3 girls!) as I absolutely love, love, love this chair!
We are a good sized family so I am so grateful to have this wonderful heirloom & will always cherish this tiny old chair.
It will always bring me happy memories of my beloved Nana & Mum.

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