Saturday, 5 October 2013

New Shop

Hallo everyone.
Just to let you know (if you haven't heard already) that the new shop is called
Number Fifteen!
You will be able to find the new shop
I have also changed the Vintage Amethyst Twitter account to Number Fifteen too!
Find that
I have opened a new Facebook page for the new shop as it seems soooooo difficult to change your Facebook page name & even if Facebook allow you too you still have the old address ~ erm what's the point of that!
Anyhoot you can find the new Number Fifteen Facebook page
And finally you can find the new blog over
Keep in touch everyone!


  1. Wishing you huge success with Number 15 - you seem to have gone very trendy and left the cottagey image behind but it is in keeping with current trends and will be very popular I am sure - good luck! betty-thewoodfairy

    1. Thanks Betty.
      Yes Number Fifteen is very different.
      My personal taste has changed & evolved over the years & when we moved into our new house (which we are still renovating) we decided a new look was in order & have gone for a more Scandinavian look. Thus I decided to change my business too as it felt odd selling items that I wasn't personally interested in anymore & so this is how the new shop has come about.


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