Tuesday, 2 July 2013

*Lovin' bloglovin'*

Ok, so as I'm sure most of you are aware Google reader has gone off to internet heaven as of yesterday!
But don't panic as there are many ways to still follow your favourite blogs easily, but I just wanted to say that lately I'm lovin' me some bloglovin'

I moved over to bloglovin' a few months ago, signed up & claimed my blog (this only take a couple of mins by the way!) and since then I've never looked back. I love it over there & I'm sure you would too, if you are not signed up already that is!
It is so easier to have all your favourite blogs in one place plus I get an email everyday with blog updates  ~ how cool is that!

You can read *HERE* why another person is lovin' bloglovin' (am I ever going to tire of saying that I wonder!!!!) 

Anyhoot, you can find me on bloglovin' 
so do add me to your list or I will be super sad.

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  1. It's definitely great for reading on the ipad and iphones etc!

    Victoria x


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