Friday, 19 July 2013

*Festival of Thrift*

There is some rather exciting news that you may have already heard about on the bloggy grapevine!
A super exciting event is coming up called The Festival of Thrift which will take place on the 21st & 22nd of September at Lingfield Point in Darlington!!!
The Festival of Thrift is a chic celebration of creative common-sense living featuring upcycling, recycling and finding the fun in sustainable living!
The Festival of Thrift brings together exciting innovations in technology with discovering the magic in vintage items by upcycling and renewing- through to foraging trips with family and friends.
The Festival of Thrift is curated by award winning designers Wayne Hemingway MBE and Gerardine Hemingway MBE!
How cool is that?

The whole site will be bursting with activities and attractions including:

  •  The Alternative Village Fete: A bustling area featuring everything from specially commissioned live art stalls and performance, live music, communal dance, to stalls selling everything from vintage fashion to homemade food and drink
  • Roving street performers across the site include the Vintage Tea Club ladies, Paul Henri’s Chapeau Magique making extraordinary paper hats and Theatre Hullabaloo’s new show for under-fives weaving together stories old and new
  • The Multi–Thrifty Swapshop, an all-weekend event featuring everything you might want to exchange from glamour clothing to garden shears, aided by the notorious Charity Shop DJs.
  • Upcycled Fashion shows, exhibitions and our very own Museum of Thrift
  • Ideal Thrifty Homes, from specially designed room sets to furniture workshops led by Teesside University and FRADE on how to create interior magazine looks through upcycling
  • Craft workshops: Led by crafters including Lingfield Point artist-in-residence Becky Sunter who will show you how to create your own fashions and must-have accessories with the left-over bits-and-bobs in your workbag
  • Street food stalls galore and food workshops covering everything from home-smoking, pickling, plucking, sushi, sourdough and more.
  • Fantastic food: Picnic on site with bespoke picnic hampers, themed Bistro du Van eateries created by local chefs, hourly foraging trips and a Thriftea Party with self-made crockery and cake stands.
  • Pop-up allotments growing food in borders, bee-keeping and beehives, animal husbandry including tips on keeping hens and building your own henhouses.
  • Lovingly restored vintage vehicles… and much more besides!
You can find out all about it over at their fab website
PLUS what is super duper exciting is that my fabulous husband James (who most of you know is a professional artist) is currently doing a 3 month artist residency at Lingfield Point & will be having an exhibition at The Festival of Thrift & doing a talk!!!
James has done many Paton & Baldwin's knitting pattern paintings which you can find *HERE* & the site for the Festival of Thrift is where the old Paton & Baldwin's wool factory used to be, plus his Nana used to work there!!! How fab is that!
Anyhoo the whole event for the weekend is FREE & there will be lots & lots going on
so James & I hope to see you there!!!
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