Tuesday, 18 June 2013

*Postage Price*

I'm really sorry everyone but I'm afraid to say that my UK courier has raised it's prices!!!!
Obviously because of the huge price hike by The Royal Mail in April they've decided they can do the same, so I'm really, really sorry to say that Vintage Amethyst has had to raise it's postal prices too!
Standard UK price is now £4.50 an increase of £1 on postage as of yesterday.
This price is for up to 2kg though so you will be able to buy more for this price.
I'm really sorry to have to increase postage yet again but I'm afraid I am at the mercy of postal carriers.
I lose money on postage due the price of packaging on top of the price of the postage itself, so please understand that I do try to keep postage prices as low as I possibly can.
Sorry for such rubbish news everyone!

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  1. These postal companies are killing us aren't they! They will kill us small businesses... Your prices are still reasonable x


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