Sunday, 21 April 2013

*A Little Bunch of Spring*

The last few days have been wonderfully delicious weather wise here.
Long sunny days with the sunshine bringing a welcome bit of warmth.

Today is cloudy though but I thought I would nip out into the garden to bring a bit of Spring into our home.
As some of you know we moved into a new house just before Christmas (which we are fully renovating) so it is lovely getting to know our new garden. We are very lucky as we have quite a large garden now which is well established with lots of trees, shrubs, plants & flowers.

The garden is just starting to come alive with colour although just a little bit late this year due to the weather!
I nipped out & took some cuttings to pop in a simple white jug.
We have quite a number of daffodils about to appear but we have only had about 5 actually show their sunny yellow faces! I did feel a little bad about cutting these to pop in the jug but I thought in no time we will have a whole host of them & these will bring a little Spring cheer to the house.

I also cut some Viburnum & some of the wonderful pink flowering current shrub we have & also a plant I'm unsure about,  it may be a Peony but I'm not entirely sure as I'm unsure about it's leaf shape, so if you know do let me know. It is the stem at the back with the large bud. 
I also added some fragrant Rosemary too.
It makes a wonderful wildflower cottage-like bunch of Spring, don't you think?

Have you got out & about in the garden yet?


  1. We actually had a freeze yesterday morning! I can't wait to go to the nursery and buy some spring flowers! I love your entryway and flowers.


  2. It's a bit chilly here today now after having a lovely few days.
    Thank you for your sweet message.

  3. What gorgeous flowers! Love the combi of colours.

  4. I cannot stop myself from going outside to soak up that vivid green of spring and enjoy all the new fragrances spring is bringing. Quelle Rêve!

  5. Lovely - cut flowers from the garden are always so much better than shop bought ones I think. I've been straight out in the garden now it's warmer getting all my beds dug over and just walking round with a coffee getting excited about what's going to look pretty this year xx


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