Wednesday, 20 March 2013

*New Work Spaces*

Work has started on my husband James' new studio this week
which is very exciting!!!
The electrian put a new fuse box in earlier in the year & will be back to do the second fix soon, the plumber has plumbed pipes into the studio so they are ready to be fitted to a sink, new doors were fitted last month & now this week the joiner is here!
He has been battening out the walls for the insulation and plasterboard & is now working on the roof!
The insulation & plasterboard arrived this morning on the back of a huge truck & was delivered to us by crane!!!!
The renovation is coming along very quickly so work may
 begin on the new Vintage Amethyst HQ by the end of this week too!!!
It will be lovely to move out of our current business premises
 into our newly renovated work spaces in our new home!!!


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Love Alison