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*Interview with Elyse Major of Tinkered Treasures*

I have had the wonderful opportunity to ask the ever wonderful
Elyse Major of Tinkered Treasures fame some questions for a fun interview ...
so enjoy ...
I’m nosy so .... Can you tell us a little about you?
Hello, Alison! 
For some reason, this question always takes me forever to answer. 
In a nutshell, I am the married mom of two boys. I love my family, friends, my little house and my state. Faves are making things while listening to music (post-punk, please), cookies, being silly, writing, and of course, blogging (which happily brought us together)!  
You have your own book published*squeal* tell us how do you feel about this exciting event?
It is very surreal. It’s truly a waking dream come true and it honestly is difficult to grasp sometimes. My husband and I will look at a page in the book and marvel and say, “This was a soup can from lunch!” I am so happy, giddy, thankful, bewildered!
How did Tinkered Treasures begin?
When I first started my blog it was called “cottage” and was intended to be like my own little home décor magazine to log projects through photos and summaries. I have a marketing background and every “brand” needs a tagline so I came up with Tinkered Treasures for Your Home and soon blogging friends started to refer to my blog as cottage/Tinkered Treasures. When I branched out to Etsy and then Facebook (and Pinterest), I began to use just Tinkered Treasures and changed that to be the name of my blog. When I wrote the book I felt like it was really important to use and keep that name for the title.
How has blogging changed your life?
Blogging has changed my life in so many positive ways in ways that I think are common to many bloggers: you discover like-minded people from all over the world who share your love for things as small as say, pretty cupcake liners, and over time, this bond is forged. You share and cheer and it’s reciprocated back to you; you begin to live a “pay it forward” life. It’s wonderful. Blogging flexed my writing muscles, my creativity, my gratitude. It’s something very special.
Did writing ‘Tinkered Treasures’ the book come easy or was it completely different to anything you’ve done before?
Writing the book came easily in the respect that I knew what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it – like an extension of writing a series of blog posts. However, I’m actually very meticulous about the posts I write and a simple post can take an hour or (much) more. So content came rather easily but the words could be painstaking!
 (Look for puns throughout, as you know)
Are there any plans for any more books in the future?
I am hoping for a next book in the series of similar tinkering projects under a particular theme, which for now is under wraps!
Do you have any plans for any signing events where your fans can meet you?
I plan to be at events in my state of Rhode Island (U.S.A.) such as Festival Fete in June, but so far nothing international, although I am making my very first trip to London and Paris around the time of the book’s release so that I can meet my publisher and staff at Cico Books. I plan to sell signed copies of the book through my Etsy shop once I figure out the shipping costs, etc.
Tell us what is next ... T.V? Your own line of crafting kits? What is upcoming for you & Tinkered Treasures?
Ooh – I love the idea of a line of crafting kits. I’m probably too silly for TV! I continue to work on new project ideas and write for home and décor magazines.
And finally do you have any crafting advice for our readers?
Try to make even little bits of time to make things even if you have to stop and start and create in small stages.
How adorable was that, getting to know a little more about Elyse & Tinkered Treasures.
I do hope there will be many more cute books from Elyse in the future, don't you?
Thank you so much Elyse for this fabulous opportunity for Vintage Amethyst readers to find out more about you & your new book.

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