Wednesday, 30 January 2013

*Tinkered Treasures by Elyse Major*

Have you seen the new Tinkered Treasures Craft Book by the wonderful Elyse Major?
I am such a fan of Elyse & met her through her very pretty blog of the same name so I was super duper pleased when I was sent the book to review!
The first thing that struck me (aside from it's pretty cover) is that it is a lovely size especially for crafting.
It is paperback & so much handier to use than a hardback book.
On opening there is a very sweet forward by the lovely Fifi o'Neill.
I was then taken in a delightful Fairy-tale world by the introduction & photos of crafty goodness I was to encounter within the book.
The photos look like fairies or pixies made them!

I also loved the term 'tinkering' as this is how I love to craft! Preferring the 'doing' more than the finished product and I knew this book was for me when I read the line 'measuring often gives way to estimating' I'm not good at following 'rules' so love this!!! As Elyse explains every day tools & items are used for these crafts & there is a good walkthrough of materials & tools with a firm emphasis on cheaply sourced items.
So no expensive trips to the craft store which is great!
The type of items Elyse likes to use also remind me of early school days & crafting with Mummy at home so the book brings a wonderful nostalgia along with it.
The first project you come to is simply genius ~ Fabric Scanned Paper!!
How to make pretty paper & labels from your favourite fabrics (fab) which will lead you on to use these in upcoming crafts.
What I loved in the book was that each project came with 'Tinker Tips' or 'Fancy This' or both.
Which were little tips for alternative ideas & uses.
I personally thought the crafty ideas in the book would be so lovely for little girls & young teenagers to do, as the end result would be perfect as gifts for friends & I'm sure they would just love making them.
Obviously children would need to be supervised but it would be lovely for a little Mummy & Daughter time.
How cute would these be for girlies to make for their friends?
I absolutely loved this idea above ~ Tinkered Tiles.
Perfect to make with fabric scanned paper, how lovely do these look?
I also loved the fact that Elyse brought a little humour to the book too, one of my favourites being ...
Petal to the Metal! From the Magnetic Petits Four craft!
One of my favourite crafts in the book ... Anytime Crackers!
As you can see there is a really pretty photo of them in the book & wouldn't these be lovely for tea time parties filled with a little gift?
Perfect for little girls birthday parties too & I'm sure the birthday girl would love helping to make these!
Elyse also included one of my all time favourite crafts when I was a little girl & brought it bang up to date ... Paper Laterns & Chains made with pretty paper!
These are simply perfect for a girly party!!!
The book is filled with pretty & cute from start to finish & would be perfect if you have never crafted before as the crafts are simply & easy to follow with helpful tips along the way.
If you love the Tinkered Treasures blog I know you are going to love this book.
Elyse is a wonderfully beautiful person & this book certainly doesn't disappoint with it's pretty crafts from start to finish.
Tinkered Treasures by Elyse Major is published by Cico Books at £12.99 and is available from

Watch out for a little interview with the author herself on the Vintage Amethyst blog very soon!!!


  1. Thank you Alison for this very helpful book review ! Will go and check out the blog now ! Jane x

    1. Oh I'm sure you are going to love Elyse's blog Jane, it is just so sweet.

  2. oh alison,

    warmest and happiest thank-yous for this really beautiful review! i LOVE that you got everything that i put out there from the pretty paper to the "petals to the metal" -- the book was as much fun to write as the projects were to make. how thrilling to see your photos of my book. i'm just dazzled!

    thank you so much, sweet friend!


    1. Thank you for this lovely message Elyse.
      It was an absolute pleasure.
      I just love all the crafts in the book & all the pretty pictures, you should be very very proud of yourself it is an amazing achievement.

  3. Ooohhh, I just ordered a copy online from the US! This book looks fabulous, can't wait for the mid February ship date!


  4. It certainly is fabulous, it is filled with so many lovely craft ideas & the pictures are just delicious.
    You are going to love it.


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