Saturday, 1 December 2012

*It's December!!!*

It's December today!!!!
I can't quite believe it really, the last couple of months seemed to have passed in a blur of activity!
We are still waiting for a moving date!!!!
So moving house is going to be nearer to Christmas than we thought ~ but hey ho, that's life isn't it!

I will miss this house at Christmas as I love decorating this house for the festive season with it having Victorian fireplaces & original sash windows as it feels sooooo wonderfully Christmassy for some reason!

It will be lovely to move into our new house but a full renovation needs to be done on the house & obviously that won't be done before Christmas!!!! But we will try to make it as nice a possible.
(Oohhhh the postman has just been & delivered our first Christmas card, from James' Dad all the way in Australia!!!!)
It's exciting it is December but I feel in such limbo, surrounded by packed boxes with more to pack once we get a date!!! James has now convinced himself we will be moving only a few days before Christmas which will probably happen but fingers crosses it sooner!!!!
At the moment I will be closing the Vintage Amethyst shop on Friday 14th of December, so there are less than 2 weeks to shop but if our move gains a little more speed & we find out by some miracle we will be moving shortly I may close sooner!
You have been warned!!!
So please if you do want anything from the boutique please do shop sooner rather than later as I don't want to disappoint anyone ~ thank you cuties.

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  1. Hi Alison,

    I hope that you are moved by now, but if not, it is certainly going to be very close to Christmas. Hope you have time to pause in your packing/unpacking and enjoy some of the festivities.

    Marie x


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