Thursday, 4 October 2012

*Exciting News*

Some of you may remember that we put our house up for sale a short while ago.
Well we had an awful lot of interest, lots of viewings every week & 3 weeks ago we accepted an offer!
We were super pleased, but the houses we had wanted had only that week gone so the search was on for another house. We thought we had found one & put an offer in but then we were told that another couple had put an offer in & we then progressed to a bidding war!
This went on for a very stressful week & we had to go to best & final offers. We eventually lost out as the other couple were first time buyers & so were the obvious choice to go with.
We were quite upset at the thought of trying to find another house but the very morning after we were told that we had lost out, a house came on the market.
It was in the area we wanted, it was the size we wanted, could it be fate?
Well I booked us in to see it that afternoon & it was perfect!
So we came home & put the asking price offer in straight away as we didn't want to go through a week of stressful negotiating again!
Well of course things are never that easy are they. First of all the vendor was in Australia (!) so it was really difficult for the estate agent to get hold of them & then when they finally did a few days later we found out that someone else had put an asking price offer in too & they didn't have anything to sell!
James & I had already discussed that we would go over the asking price, I was willing to go quite far over as I wanted it sooooo much, so when James found out about the other off he put an offer of £5,000 over the asking price.
*eek* were we crazy or clever cloggs playing the property game ~ who knows!!!!
Anyhoo, we had to wait another few stressful days but late yesterday we found out it had been accepted!
We are super super delighted!

It will be soooooo sad to leave our house & I hope you've enjoyed this peek into our living room, but the house we are moving to is perfect!
It has soooooo much work that needs doing to it, but we have done it before so we can do it again!
Plus it has a huge, wonderful garden!
We are planning on moving both our businesses to the new house too, so Vintage Amethyst will be at home again & James will have an art studio at home too.
We are excited!!!!
So fingers crossed the whole moving affair goes smoothly & we don't hit any hiccups!


  1. Very pleased for you about your good news about the house Alison. Hope you and James will be very happy in your new home ♥

    Love Phil x x x

  2. Alison, so very pleased for you and James. Moving is so stressful and I really hope that you can make this move with ease now that you have found that dream home. Minerva x

  3. warmest congrats to you both! how very exciting!

    best wishes!


  4. Well done look forward to seeing your new house keep us posted :)

  5. Sounds very exciting, hope everything goes well for you both.

  6. What an exciting time for you, can't wait to share the journey with you.

    Victoria xxx

  7. Congratulations! I'm so pleased for you! x

  8. Fabulous news! I need a bigger house but have no chance :o( Can't wait to see the pics of your new home!

  9. Great news Alison. I hope that the sale/purchase goes smoothly ~ I know how difficult it is to sell at present, so you must be hugely relieved to have a buyer for your own house.

    Marie x


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