Thursday, 12 April 2012

*A year has passed*

Yesterday was a sad day as it was the first anniversary of my Mum passing away.

I can't actually believe it's been a year.
In one way the year seems to have wizzed by at speed & it only seems like a day or so ago that we were together & chatting & laughing away as normal.
Yet in another way it seems as if a lifetime of things have happened since I last saw her.
It's such an odd feeling.

I'm feeling quiet & low at the moment & obviously heart broken too ~ I'm not sure that will ever go away ... but work is hectic & so luckily the boutique is keeping me
occupied & busy.

I had the day off yesterday & we spent it as a family.
It was a nice day.
Luckily as a family we have a new born baby girl to snuggle with & a boisterous 3 year old cheeky boy to keep us all giggling & smiling.
It helps, but nothing takes away the utter heartbreaking sadness I feel.
I miss her ...


  1. sending big hugs your way Alison

    BH xxx

  2. I understand you dear Elison ... for me it's been two years since the death of my mother and how it had happened yesterday.
    We must move forward, but nothing is as before.
    with affection

  3. I really feel for you my sweet, it's 3 years since my brother's an odd empty sort of feeling....but emotional at the same time....
    Thinking of you as you remember your dear mum at this time....((hug))xxxxxx

  4. Just to let you know I'm thinking of you and wanted to give to a virtual hug.
    Kandi xx

  5. Hello Alison! I don't think you will ever get over it. I can tell you that the pain does start to ease, you will think of them everyday, but more and more often with a smile on your lips as you remember something than with a frown. I hope you have a wonderful weekend as this week slowly winds to a close! Thinking about you!
    Jennifer x

  6. Alison, I have just been watching 'Long Lost Family' and am feeling all teary and now I have read your post. I know exactly how you feel. It is now 7 months since my mum died and it is all still raw and I feel sad so much of the time. We were so lucky to have had mums we loved so much but we will always miss them....
    Sending you a big hug.
    Ruth xx

  7. Alison
    When I have to type two words it puts me as Anonymous everytime! I'm not anonymous, I'm Ruth from Oh So Vintage. x

  8. And now my previous post has disappeared! Ruth x

  9. Hello Alison

    My heart goes out to you, I know what is like, the first year is so hard,

    Best wishes


  10. Thinking of you & your family, Alison... ((LOVE & HUGS))

  11. Hi Alison

    I feel for you, It's something that never goes away but you do learn to live with it and with time it does get easier, I lost my Mum 14 years ago this year, I can remember it like it was yesterday and I do still miss her but it does hurt a little less as time goes buy. You have your memories and they will never fade, your Mum is with you every moment always remember that.

    Love Jill xx

  12. Thinking of you Alison and sending hugs across the miles.

    Marie x

  13. Thank you lovely ladies.

  14. Hoping that the blessings that remain in family,friends and loved ones help to ease the pain a little over the coming months and years...You were so Blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with her..
    Warmest Wishes,
    Callie x

  15. It must be really difficult, mixed emotions. Take care.

  16. Sorry I've not been buy sooner to offer my thoughts to you. It was 3 years since my nan passed at the beginning of the month and it's so strange to acknowledge how much time has passed and how life does "just go on" without these family members in our life but like you I have a great family to share memories and happy times with.

    Victoria xx

  17. Big Hugs, Alison x

    Sorry not to have posted sooner. Has it really been a year already? It's 18 years now since I lost my Dad, and that odd feeling you mentioned? I know what you mean. Time has no meaning any more. Time doesn't make it easier, but it does refocus your attention on the good memories you have, rather than the 'could have beens'. And James's painting is just beautiful.
    Louise xx


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