Monday, 2 April 2012

*Union Jack Paper Sweetie Bags*

This weeks *Product of the Week* are these fab
Union Jack Paper Sweetie Bags.
This is a set of 100 very retro Union Jack sweetie bags.
They are so perfect for wedding sweetie bars or Jubilee Parties!
The set of 100 bags comes along with a vintage style luggage tag with Mr & Mrs on ~ perfect for weddings.
Just pop lots of lovely sweeties like Marshmallows, Jelly Babies, Flying Saucers, Jelly Beans, White Mice, Gummy Teeth etc into large glass bowls & jars pop on a fab table & let your guests help themselves to all the delicious goodies by filling up one of these wonderful Union Jack Sweetie Bags.
The bags measure 5" x 7".
They are only £3 for the set of 100.


  1. Such a unique card for a wedding. this is really a vintage thing.


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