Sunday, 18 March 2012

*Happy Mother's Day*

Happy Mother's Day

It is a day of mixed emotions today.
It is the first Mother's Day without my precious Mum & the first for my sister without her daughter, but a new life was given to us as a family yesterday.
My other sister's daughter had a baby girl, so I am a Great-Aunt again!
She has been given both my Mum's name & my niece's name who both passed away last year.
She will never get to meet both of these wonderful ladies but I hope she is like them in everyway.
I hope you all have a wonderful day today & if you are spending it without your Mum too, I hope you can take comfort in all your wonderful memories of your times together.


  1. Hi Alison !
    I also lost my mother two years ago, but the me move forward.
    It's not easy but necessary.
    Love Federica

  2. I hope today isn't too hard for you and you can take some small comfort in your new great niece been blessed with the names of the great ladies she will unfortunately never know.

    Victoria xx

  3. Sending comfort to you today and blessings of beautiful memories of your mom. I know what that's like losing my dad. It's never the same, especially around celebrations. Your mom is very proud of you I'm sure. God Bless.


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