Saturday, 22 October 2011

*Hallo Lovelies*

Hallo lovelies.
Sorry for the lack of blog posts this week but we lost our internet connection on Monday & we couldn't get a technician from our service provider until Thursday!!!! So it wasn't until late Thursday afternoon that we had the internet back!
If you follow Vintage Amethyst on Facebook I know you will have already read about the internet troubles ... I think I have worked my way through all the e-mails & orders so I think I am back up to date now.
Sorry again to those who were waiting for orders & e-mails, but as I've said before I do have the most wonderful customers in the world & all the e-mails I've received had been so lovely & totally understanding, so thank you to those people for being so patient over the last few days.
So what has everyone been up to in my short absence?
Anything fabulous?
*eek* How cold is it here in the UK at the moment?
*Brrrrr* I think we are well on our way to winter, which seems odd doesn't it as it was only just a couple of weeks ago that we had temperatures of mid to high 20's!!!
Well have a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to cuties & if you haven't popped over to the Vintage Amethyst Facebook page before you can find it *here*


  1. Glad you're back, Alison! It is always surprising how long it takes to get tech help to the door, isn't it?! LOL... It is awfully cold here too. We've had frost and a bit of ice this week... YIKES! Not ready for this wintry cold yet. ;o) Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

  2. *eek* frost & ice!!! I've heard people this week saying that we are expected snow next week!!!! I hope not, I do love the snow but it seems far too early. I want to enjoy the Autumn before frosty winter arrives!!!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Keep Warm this weekend.Hope that your webby problems are all sorted.
    Warm Wishes,

  4. Another "Love / Hate" relationship with the Internet!

  5. Computers are great when they work.It is very frustrating when they act up. Loved your pink hearts.


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