Tuesday, 6 September 2011

*Guest Goody Bag*

I love this idea from Country Homes & Interiors, it's a rather lovely goody bag to present your guests with when they come to visit!
Country Homes & Interiors say ...
Be the best hostess in town by presenting your guests with their own bathroom kit.
Line a fishing creel or picnic basket and fill with beautiful toiletries and a hand towel.

This rather delightful fishing creel is from Great English Outdoors.

Photograph by Tim Young


  1. Yes, I thought this was a lovely idea too. So nice I'd like to be a guest in my own home!

  2. *tee hee* Yes I would like to be a guest in my own home if this was offered to me on my bedroom door!

  3. Hubby laughs at me for preparing guest toiletries. I just think its a lovely thing to do. Little towels rolled up in baskets and wrapped soaps just look gorgeous!

  4. Such a lovely idea, I do love the idea of having people come to stay and providing them with a home away from home although unfortunately most of my friends don't live far away so there's no need for them to stay or they end up crashing after a night out... I do always have spare toothbrushes and clean towels on hand though!!

    Victoria xx

  5. This is such a delightful idea....I have a clear glass jar full of soaps in the bathroom with a notecard that reads "Take One" (Alice in Wonderland style) so each guest that comes through can take one, but I notice I have been having quite a few returning guests hehehe =)


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