Sunday, 31 July 2011

*Everything Alice: The Wonderland Book of Makes*

Ooohh this is a book I'm putting on my wish list!
Everything Alice: The Wonderland Book of Makes.
Welcome to the magical world of Everything Alice, where nothing is quite as it seems. Alice's fantastical adventures in Wonderland provide the inspiration for a charming and original collection of 50 craft makes, ranging from a Hand-Sewn White Rabbit Toy and Pompon-Decorated Slippers to Papercraft Tea Party Invitations and Cut-outand- keep Dress-up Dolls. Whilst this book captures the very essence of Lewis Carroll's popular tales - which have been translated into 125 languages and made into numerous films - each of the 50 'Make Me' projects stands alone as a gorgeous item to cherish. Who wouldn't be seduced by a Red Polka Dot Frilly Pinny to wear whilst baking cupcakes fit for a king, or a Heart-shaped Pinboard to house precious keepsakes, or an exquisite Beaded Napkin Ring in the initials of each of your dinner guests? Decorate your home and garden with the supremely simple yet highly effective No-sew Fabriccovered Teapot Planters. Serve your partygoers from a china cake stand made from mix-and-match vintage crockery. And create wonderfully scented candles that fill oversized teacups to present as handmade gifts. Alice's world was full of extraordinary characters and peculiar insights so interspersed between the projects are snippets of Wonderland lore and instructions for fun party games, such as How to Become a Queen, How to Run a Caucus Race and How to Play Musical Chairs, to keep your tea party guests entertained. With Everything Alice there will never be a dull moment in your own personal Wonderland.
Doesn't it sound like so much fun!


  1. I have this book and I insist you absolutely must buy it ;o)
    It's a beautiful book even if you're not a crafter and I can't wait untill September when they bring out their stationery range!

    B xxx

  2. I saw this book on another blog recently and it's been swiftly added to my wishlist!

    Victoria xx


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