Wednesday, 15 June 2011

*We're off to London!*

James and I are off to London tomorrow as James has a solo exhibition in a London Gallery.
The preview night is tomorrow night so we are travelling to London to be there for it.
The exhibition is called 'Modern Memorabilia' & is at the GGGallery in Notting Hill.
It runs from the preview night on Thursday until July 22nd.
It has been manic here over the last few days!!!! Yesterday was crazy! CRAZY!
Do you know what it is like to pack up 15 paintings worth thousands of pounds each, to be sent to London, some of them huge!?!?
We didn't think we were going to get it done in time, but thankfully after 6 rolls of parcel tape, wooden boards being cut to size, huge amounts of cardboard, bubble wrap everywhere, the scent of panic in the air ~ we got there & the courier came to pick them up & they were on their way!
I hope it is a fab night & if you want to see more of James' work do visit his website *here* & also pop along to his blog *here*


  1. Have a safe and fun trip and take lots of photos


  2. Have a fantastic time and good luck to James.

    Hugs Pat

  3. James work is amazing l love the knitting patterns.


  4. How exciting! Best of luck to James and have a fab time in London together,

    Victoria xxx

  5. Good luck and have a lovely time!

  6. James's work is FANTASTIC! Hope the show goes great.. have fun! :o) ((HUGS))

  7. Hope the exhibitinn goes well and you have a fabulous time!
    Rachel x


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