Friday, 5 November 2010

*Damien Hirst Exhibition*

Last night we had tickets to a Damien Hirst exhibition preview night.
The exhibition was a show of more than 50 works, many unseen by the public.
All the works were privately owned & brought together in this collection.
The curator of the event was Greville Worthington, a former Turner Prize judge & he made a speech about the collection before we all got a chance to view the exhibition.
To be honest neither James or are are huge fans of Damien Hirst, but hey if you get invited why not go!
There were lots of people there & everyone seemed incredibly 'well to do' as they tend to be at these types of events!
A film crew was there too but we never actually saw any filming going on, perhaps it happened before we got there.
There was also a photographer, one of those ones that take 'society' photos that appear in magazines, but none of our group were photographed, perhaps we didn't look rich enough! A shame really considering that we met up with some friends there & amongst us there were a few artists, an art gallery owner & little ol' me, the photographer seemed more interested in the 'Sloan Ranger' types!!! Then again none of us really would have wanted our photo taken so perhaps it was for the best!
We got to speak to the curator Greville Worthington as he seemed to make the effort to speak to everyone who were there, which was nice.
Although as I mentioned early I'm not a huge fan but if I had to chose my favourite work in this exhibition I would say it was a collection of work entitled
The Last Supper
'which is a set of 13 prints designed to mimic drug packaging; using humour and pathos to question whether drugs are as vital to man’s survival as food.'
See above ~ I like dumplings & I like pink this was my favourite!!!! That's the long & short of it!
It was interesting to go to (even if your not a huge fan of the artist) & lets face it you get a few drinks, some nibbles & spend time with friends so what's not to like!


  1. An interesting post, Alison. I've just googled Damian Hirst last supper and had a look at the rest of the group. I can't help wondering if he actually TAKES medication himself, or if maybe he should! :O) SueXX

  2. I'm inclined to agree with Sue LOL
    mam x

  3. WOW... that is such fun, Alison! I can't say I'm a big fan of Damien Hirst's work really, but I admire his gumption and how he markets art--can't help but admire his go-get-'em style there. But art openings like this are fun. And a girl does like an evening and looking her best. ;o) Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))


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