Wednesday, 13 October 2010

*Vintage Black & White Knitting Patterns*

James and I visited the
Discover Vintage Fair on Sunday.
 I didn't buy anything but James bought these fantastic vintage black & white knitting patterns!
As most of you know I think my husband James is a professional artist & as we both love vintage his paintings reflect this & he paints mainly vintage pulp-imagery ~ like lovely old knitting patterns!!!
We have so many vintage things in our house, loads & loads of old vintage magazines, cigarette cards, gum cards & of course knitting patterns!
His knitting pattern paintings are really popular & really who doesn't love a good old knitting pattern!
Anyhoo these are the ones he picked up on Sunday.
A Classic V-Neck Sweater
pattern above.
This one is called
Crazy V Sweater
and a cap to match!
How adorable is this girl in this pattern?
Oh my goodness does anyone else think this is bonkers???
This is a
Robin pattern ~ Dual Purpose or Fashion
Ok so I think the fashion hat is really quite sweet but the sports hat & gloves ~ that pose!!
Now anyone fancy a
Looped Bed-Jacket?
Stylist & cosy!
Now this one I actually took a fancy too!
Bedcape ~ Spanish Style
Ok so I wouldn't wear it as a bedcape (well I perhaps would!!) but I think it would make a pretty cardigan.
It's when I see things like this that I wish I could knit properly & not only scarves!
And finally ...
A Film Star's Jumper
As worn by Jean Simmons, the J. Arthur Rank star, in the
'Woman in the Hall'
I would actually like this jumper too!

Do pop along to James' website to see more of his artwork
there is even a whole collection for knitting pattern paintings!!!
Visit him


  1. I would love it if you showed one of your hubbys pictures - they sound great! I love the knitting patterns, especially the hats!

  2. VERY pretty patterns--love the styles & photography... I'd love a bedcape like that! Those were the days weren't they?! :o) Thanks for sharing, Alison ((HUGS))

  3. Those would make a great collection to look for-the ladies look so cool!

  4. I love this styles:))....thanks for inspiration...
    I love to knitting, maybe I'll make something like this:))...
    greeting from cratia:))

  5. Fabulous patterns! Now I'll hop on over and check out your husbands paintings...

  6. what lovely old knitting patterns
    mam xx

  7. Hi Alison,
    Have you seen this web site

    They have a great selection of vintage patterns many of them can be down loaded for free. Keep blogging as I enjoy popping by
    Jayne x

  8. They are beautiful! I love the looped bed jacket, my Nanna knitted us all loopy hats back in the 70's and when my kids were born she knitted them again, wonderful!
    Kandi x

  9. Love your husband's work! If anyone is after any vintage knitting patterns check out: where you will find loads!


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