Sunday, 3 October 2010

*Sophisticated Neutrals*

I took the Perfect Palette test over on the Martha Stewart website for a bit of fun & it turned out pretty accurate really.
I am ...
Sophisticated Neutrals

A serene and versatile palette is perfect for you.
You should look to soft grays and putty tones - even a diluted violet would suit you and your rooms. These tones also make it easy to quickly alternate furniture and accessories.
Quite amazing really considering we are decorating the hallway & I choose Farrow & Balls
Cornforth White & it is a really lovely soft grey & I am repainting the radiator cover in Putty!!!
These rooms are from the
Sophisticated Neutrals Gallery & are very me.
I noticed it also mentioned in the description that these 'tones make it easy to quickly alternate furniture and accessories' which I am always doing really & did a little change about this morning!
Try the Perfect Palette Test


  1. Perfect for you!!!!
    I did it and got rich shades! I'm scared of colour!!!!!!

  2. Well I chose bedroom and came up with bright and bold, soo not me, my house is completely neutral bizarre! My niece is always telling me to get some colour in my life LOL. xx

  3. Haahha, oh dear it mustn't work for everyone then!


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