Thursday, 2 September 2010

*Country-Style Hallway*

We are starting to decorate our hall (and we have just done our bedroom too *eek*) & so I am currently having a browse looking for colours, ideas etc & I came across this pretty pretty hallway over at Ideal Home.
Our front door doesn't open into our living room, as with most Victorian houses we have a vestibule & then a hallway but I thought this look was so totally sweet don't you ...

Country-style hallway
If your front door opens into a living-cum-dining area as with this home, a small console table and handy desk near the entrance will define the space.


  1. It's lovely, the kind of thing I have in mind for my house I am doing up at the mo'. It seems to get away with having very dark beams and I love the imperfect wall plastering.

  2. Oh it's gorgeous! I love the little touches of red!Good luck with your decorating! I don't mind painting but I'm not keen on all the prep!
    Rachel x

  3. I love this ~ all I need is the cottage to go with the look!

    Have fun decorating. Will we get a glimpse of the end result?

    Marie x

  4. I'm in the middle of decorating my hall too.... all the doors have been painted but I'm slacking on getting any painting done on the actual walls! Fingers crossed I'll have the motivation to tackle it on Sunday!

    Victoria xx

  5. We have the same, so lucky to have a cottage where the door opens in front of the stairs not the living room! I do adore that hallway, just my taste! :-)

  6. Love it!! The door is such a pretty colour!!!!

  7. oo i love this one. when we were decorating our hall i was forever looking on the housetohome website for inspiration.. the little country one is so sweet though isnt it.. you'll have to keep us all updated with your progress and lots of piccies please!!!

  8. That house is just so nice. The color and the furniture’s are a good combination. I wish my house looks like that. It is just so clean and very relaxing.

  9. VERY lovely & inspiring space... oh, yes--love this! Good luck with all your painting & redecorating...very exciting! Happy Weekend, Alison ((HUGS))


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