Thursday, 12 August 2010

*Miss Quirky Pantaloonies*

Ms Helena Bonham Carter is never going to win any awards & accolades for being a Mistress of Fashion & tends to appear on the worst dressed list of most magazines dedicated to fashion & trends (!) but as another non-slave to fashion, I am inspired by Ms Helena as she dresses the way she wants to, without a thought to what others think.
I think she is independant, quirky, fun, dark, mysterious, sweet, typifies English eccentricity but most of all she is herself & I love that!
I found these photos which I thought were so fun & frivolous!
They were part of a clothing range designed by Helena Bonham Carter & Samantha Sage called Pantaloonies a few years ago & were sold by Harrods.
I think I love this photo the most ....


  1. I love her quirky dress sense and really admire her fot not giving a damn!

    Great photos!

    Beki xxx

  2. Not a reader of fashion mags I didn't know about HBC's appearance on 'worst dressed' lists. I say 'Bravo her!' And I really like the outfit in the first pic. I would wear that. xx

  3. I love her too, I read somewhere that she and Tim Burton live in two seperate flats next door to each other for some of the year! She's quirky but I think she's beautiful and that hair is to die for!

  4. how fun she is! I think the clothes are fab!

  5. I love anyone that has the courage to be different, and she has lots of that, her quirky fashion sense is just so 'her'. I love it.

    These pictures show how truly lovely she can look with just a little thought, but then again I love that she doesn't usually look like she has even thought about what she is wearing.

    There was a lovely picture of her in the newspaper once having just popped out to buy a some milk and a paper, with a lovely red velvet coat just thrown over her pyjamas and Ugg boots.....also brilliant!

    Sue xx

  6. Love her as an actress too, especially in the period films. Also admire her for being independent and not bowing down. Great pics....

  7. Love that she does her own thing. Fantastic

  8. I applaud her sense of individuality especialy when she works in an industry so obssesed with appearance. As far as im concerned she has equally great taste in clothing and her choice of roles. I have never seen these images before or even heard of pantaloonies. What a delightful post!

  9. Hi Alison, how are you? I'm coffee staining paper for the first time today. :)

    Her style reminds me of the magazine Lula. I love that drapey, long sweater in the first pic. Hm, wonder what movie that is? Looks like a movie I'd like. ;) Will have to google for that.
    xo, L

  10. In the early 80's I used to get Seventeen magazine and that's where I first saw her. Even back then she had her own style! I think she's great in 1800 or 1900 period movies, she's just got that look.

  11. Totally, totally agree! I've always loved her style. She's so creative. I would love to sashay around Sainsbury's wearing any of those outfits (am sure with a few head flicks you could clear the shelves with the hat in picture two!!!).

    :-) Hx

  12. This was a fun presentation ... love them all but that wee one is adorable!

    Have a lovely summers eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  13. I love these photos! I wish I could dress so quirky and pull it off! wouldn't be fun to get to wear pantaloonies out and about?
    I love your blog and am now a new follower!
    Have a blessed evening,

  14. I love her I think she has a wonderful carefree feel to her that I would love to have, besides she is beautiful! I love that last photo too, I want those scissors!
    Kandi x

  15. Have long admired Helena Bonham Carter for her great style and acting. I LOVE her fashion sense... These photos are outrageously fantastic! Note to self: get super-high heels for when baking--guaranteed better results?! ;o) Very fun post... Happy Weekend, Alison ((HUGS))

  16. Gorgeous, just the sort of style I like. I have a secret thing for clothes that have a slight gothic twist to them. It just adds that edge. I've got a couple rockability dresses with skull and cross bones on. I love the fact that they are really feminin dresses, but with a bit of a twist. :-)

  17. very cool + very fun.


  18. Ahh, how I always wanted the confidance to dress how I really wanted to, even tho I do a little bit. My daughter loves Helena especially in Harry Potter.
    Sandi xx


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