Saturday, 8 May 2010

*We Salute You*

Today is the
65th Anniversary of VE Day ~ Victory in Europe Day!
So to all those brave men & women who served for our country & for all the brave men & women at home too we salute you.

Get out the bunting, the cakes, the sandwiches, the tables & chairs, get your neighbours together & have a street party!

Watch a VE Day Video below


  1. This is brilliant!! Waht do you think those same people would make of England today!!! My dad would turn in his grave!! Only he and another 2 comrades got out of Caen!!!

  2. Happy VE day to you! Have a great time but don't eat too much!

  3. We do indeed salute you!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Rachel x

  4. I JUST talked about this in my world history class. Happy V-E day to you, too.

    Love the idea of a street party!

    :) Laura

  5. Something great to celebrate! :o) Happy Weekend, Alison ((HUGS))

  6. Happy belated birthday James, sorry i missed it.

    Big hugs Alison xoxo

    Catherine x

  7. Oh a street party would be so Great!!! Love the UJ bunting!!! Displaying my Uj Doormat on my front door step for all to see!!!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend hunny xx
    Annie xx

  8. Brilliant, I agree with Angel (my sister), our Dad would have been appalled.


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