Friday, 23 April 2010

*A Huge Thank You*

I just wanted to say a huge big heartfelt thank you to the ever lovely Catherine from Mollycupcakes.
Your see, my lovely Mummy has been poorly over the last few months & has had to have lots of horrid tests, scans & hospital visits & it was also her 70th Birthday on Sunday! *Hurray* We had a lovely day full of family, bucks fizz, a wonderful restaurant, fantastic food, giggles & of course a huge pink fondant fancy birthday cake!

Anyhoo, I had mentioned to Catherine in passing in an e-mail that she had been poorly & then last week Catherine asked what my Mum's favourite colour is ~ well of course it's pink, what else? (*giggle*) So I told Catherine & you know what she did she only went a sent a huge lovely parcel for my Mummy didn't she!

The other day Mum & I had been out shopping looking for party wear as she is having a huge big party this Saturday (she gets to have 2 birthdays & 2 birthday cakes ~ well really a girl deserves such things doesn't she? *tee hee*) and we came back here & a lovely big parcel had arrived! I hadn't told my Mum as I thought it would be a lovely surprise, which is was, she opened it all up & it was filled with lots (and I do mean lots) of pretty pink Mollycupcake pressies & a sweet sweet card! How lovely is that?

It was just what she needed a wonderful kind surprise, so a huge big & lovely ♥heartfelt thank you♥ to Catherine from me & my mummy.
(I know I have e-mailed you already Catherine to say thank you but really people should know just how lovely you are shouldn't they? *giggle*)

*Visit Catherine at Mollycupcakes & see all the lovely wonderful goodies she sells here*


  1. What a thoughtful and generous gift! I hope your Mum is feeling better xx

  2. That is so kind!! Aren't our blog friends lovley!! They are so generous and thoughtful!!! Happy birthday to VA mum!!!

  3. That is so sweet of Catherine. Happy Birthday to your Mummy!!

  4. you are such a lovely girl!!!

  5. Hope Mum is feeling better, what a lovely thing for Catherine to do.

    Hugs RosieP x

  6. You lovely lovely friend, thank you so mch for doing a blog post about your Mum's presents.
    You really didn't have to. I just wanted to make you and your Mummy smile again.
    You both need little moments of magic and i just happened to be the fairy on that day LOL (not in pink but a little bit glittery hehe!)
    I know i've said it before but if there is anything you need please just ask honey. even if it's for a good old moan.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Lots of love,
    Catherine x

  7. that is so wonderfully kind & sweet

    hope all is well


  8. how sweet!!!!!! what a good friend

  9. Oh, how lovely... PINK anything always cheers, doesn't it?! ;o) Do hope your Mum will be all right, Alison... Thinking of you all extra much... ((BIG HUGS))

  10. what sweet hearts to receive! sorry to hear about you Mum...sending hugs and prayers that she feels better soon!


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