Monday, 8 March 2010

*A lovely Springy day at last!*

Oohhh Sunday was a lovely day. Sunny & dare I say it, a little warm too!
Had Spring arrived at last I wondered?

We decided to head up North & visit Durham for the day. We hadn't been since we were teenagers & thought a visit was well over due. Durham is full of wonderful buildings, the Cathedral & Castle obviously among them but it is one of those pretty towns like Bath & York that are just full to the brim of pretty cottages, houses & other buildings.

I'm not sure we could have choosen a more perfect day though, it was beautiful.
The students were making us feel old & lazy though I'm afraid, there were so many of them about full of life & energy.
They were all off to play Rugby, (the ones we passed were girls too!) they were running by the river, biking by the river & rowing on the river, playing football & we even saw some off to play Lecrosse! But it was a perfect day for being outside, so we will allow them to make us feel old ~ even though it doesn't seem 2 minutes since we were both at Uni!

My first glimpse of crocus. Lovely. When did they arrive?
I haven't really been out much this last week as we have both been soooooo busy with work & so I am guessing it was this past week as I saw lots of them this morning on my travels.

On Saturday I even saw some lambs as we headed throught the Dales, I was really quite shocked as I thought it was too early for them but I know it isn't, it was just that high in the Dales there is still snow so it just seemed a little odd!

Ooooooohhh but lambs! Yay! No photos I'm afraid as we were in the car when I spotted a field full of them.

Anyhoo, today seems equally as sunny & warm, so screwed up face with eyes closed tight & wishes at the ready I am hoping it has finally arrived!


  1. Glorious piccies. Glad you had a lovely day :) x

  2. What a lovely day you had! The weather is much brighter here, but very cold!! I always look forward to the spring flowers but last year, I stupidly didn't plant any bulbs!!! Looks like I'll be off to the garden centre!!

  3. What a lovely day out! Gorgeous pictures too!
    Rachel x

  4. Looks like a perfect day! Hasn't the weather been wonderful, it's even a little light when I come home from work!

    Victoria x

  5. Great pictures, I love old buildings. Looks like you had an amazing day out.

  6. These pictures are so beautiful,and the old houses are like out of a fairytale,simply magic.What a wonderful place to spend a sunday,and I can see you have spring as well.Now I´m really jealous:)
    Thanks for sharing,this was wonderful !!!!!

  7. Such a great weekend, Alison! Thanks for taking us along...the photos are amazing! And this hint of spring is so delightful--you can feel the warm in the sky... Hubby & I will have to add Durham to our places-to-visit list! Happy Week, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

  8. What a lovely day! Looks like a place worht visiting soon!


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