Monday, 1 March 2010

*Hurray, Hurray It's March Today*

Vintage Style Love Blocks available from the Vintage Amethyst Boutique *here*

Can you believe it is the 1st of March? Where did February go to?
Not that I'm complaining of course as I really can't wait for Spring to arrive this year after such a cold cold winter. I seem to be getting very old lady-like as each cold winter comes, I can't ever remember being this cold when I was a teenager! *eek* I'm only 35 if Winters continue to get colder for me, as they seem to have been over the last few years how cold am I going to be when I'm 70!!!!! I shudder (boom boom ~ 'ah thank you very much, I'll be appearing here all week folks!!!) to think!

The begining of March has brought some lovely sunshine with it but it is still bitterly cold & we did have 3 snowy days here last week so I'm not being fooled by this sunshine no siree! Everytime I start to get excited & think that it is a little lighter & brighter & Spring is arriving it snows!

I am just so glad that the shops are selling daffodils & tulips so that a little bit of Spring-time can be glimpsed.

Not only I can't believe it is March & can't believe it is Mothers Day in less than two weeks too! I'm sure normally it is feeling much more lovely & warm by Mothers day ~ but hey ho I suppose it could all change soon, lets hope so anyway.

Now if you are looking for a pretty gift for Mothers Day you know there are lots of pretty gifts at Vintage Amethyst don't you? Lots of pretty hearts, flower & love gifts just perfect for your Mummy's so pop on by & take a peek *here*.

Anyhoo Spring will be here before we know it with some warm sunshine & pretty Spring flowers everywhere you look ~ it will won't it, say it will?


Tiny Update

Yes you know what happened ~ woke up this morning & it had snowed in the night!!!
Luckily the sun is out today too & so it has melted & the only evidence is on roof tops in the shade.
I was right not to let that sunshine fool me yesterday!!! Not letting it fool me today either ...


  1. I can't believe it's March either, but like you I'm so ready for Spring and warm weather! You have such pretty things in your shop, really lovely!

    Kat :)

  2. yea!!!!! I am ready for a long Spring, I don't want it to go to fast!

  3. I can't believe it is march already either but oh my, it has been a long time coming! It's amazing what a difference a little sunshine can make! Although I did get stuck in a major hail storm on the way back from work today....!

  4. It has been absolutely gorgeous today - at last!!! I think we need a short spring and a long, long summer!!!!

  5. March certainly crept up on me although I’m so pleased the sun is shining… fingers crossed it’s goodbye to all the bad weather!

    Victoria xxx

  6. Yay what a lovely day! So glad we finally got some sunshine! It's my birthday this month too!

  7. No... no more snow! We need real spring now... she can make her grand entrance any moment now--please! I bought tulips at the weekend too--really needed something that said "spring" for in the house... These tulips are lovely, Alison... and so are those LOVE blocks! Be keeping warm & cosy... :o) have a happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

  8. Hey hun!
    Boo to snow!!! Have sent the vintage blocks in the post so keep a look out hun!!!
    Happy March!!!
    Annie x

  9. a really pretty shop !! can i say i am having a GIVEAWAY...over on my blog xxx


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