Wednesday, 20 January 2010

*Vintage Amethyst ~ Valentines Giveaway*

All you have to do is find a little pink heart that is hidden somewhere on the website & you are then entered into the giveaway to win this pretty set of goodies above.

The set consists of one of the pretty wooden hanging birdies, a heart shaped candle holder & a set of the new pink lavender scented hearts.

Pop on over to the Win page for more details & how to enter.

*click here*

*please do not enter the giveaway on the blog I am only accepting entries by e-mail*

Good Luck


  1. Ooo....such fun, off to see! Thank you, Alison :o) ((HUGS))

  2. Me again... I don't think my eyes are working I couldn't find what I was supposed to with the giveaway... I'll have to go back again... LOL!

  3. *Tee Hee*
    It is cleverly hidden!!!

  4. You really have hidden it well, just been looking for it for ages and can't find it! Oh well, i'll have to go to the opticians!
    Laura x

  5. What lovely giveaway gifts. I'll go and have a look for that heart now.

  6. Hello, I’m just off out, so I will have to have a look tomorrow! You always have so many beautiful things in your shop…I will have to make sure I give a (((BIG))) hint too the OH.

    Love Lou xxx


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