Wednesday, 2 December 2009

*It's all over now ...*

Thank you so much to everyone who left comments yesterday about the art show ... well it was on last night & we were so nervous watching it but it is all over now!
The show was a tad odd at times ~ Alan yentob stood next to a thrift shop with knitted tea cosies in the window was perhaps one of them but certainly not the oddest by far but it also had some moving moments I thought.
James was pleased that the painting came across well & that was the main thing for him, oh & that he wasn't actually in it that much!!!! *giggle*
Not sure who that little chubby faced camp voiced little man who was speaking in our studio was though, I'm sure it wasn't my husband, it looked & sounded nothing like him! But it made us laugh.

It is busy busy here today as James & the Gallery have been receiving lots of e-mails & phone calls which started as soon as the show finished last night so that is wonderful news.
James is a popular artist as it is & as the programme mentioned last night he did have 35 commissions last year & that was only for the portraits as he sells his own 'retro/vintage' inspired artwork alongside his portraiture so goodness knows how busy he is going to be after last nights show!!! *eek*


  1. Oh No! I missed it! I shall have to watch it on Catch Up TV. I'd been wondering when it was going to be on as it seems ages since you said about the filming. I have been reading your blog to see, then missed the all important one telling us about the programme. Your husband's work is exceptional, you must be very proud! Well done, hope more commissions come flooding in.
    Ruth x

  2. Hi Alison, I watched the show and found it very interesting! I thought the tea cozy thing, was a bit odd but I thought perhaps they sold them in the gallery! I thought your hubby came over very well! Ihe chap loved his painting didn't he, giving James a hug!It was a very impressive painting though,it looked just like him, I loved the sparkle on the chrome of the scooter! I bet your Hubby will be inundated with work and I wish him lots of luck too!
    I thought some of the other paintings in the show were hideous but each to their own!
    Rachel x

  3. how thrilling for both of you! how wonderful for your husband to be a thriving artist! congrats to you both.


  4. FANTASTIC...what a thrill for your both, so HAPPY for you! :o) ((HUGS))

  5. Hi Alison, yes I watched too, was a very intersesting programme and what a fantastic scheme. I thought James' painting was lovely, and he captured the feel of it perfectly.

    I have to say I was very moved by the *Giant* art work, and the chappy who lives in his caravan, who loved his paintings.

    My turn next *EEK*


  6. Aww well done James,
    I'm so sorry i missed it. It was an early night for me after watching Delas Christmas lol
    Your very welcome Alison. I'm so glad you liked your little gift.
    Speak soon lovely lady.
    Catherine x

  7. Grrrrrrrrrrr I didn't see the programme. Your hubby is so talented - that painting is fab :) xx

  8. How fantastic for James and wish him many more commissions!

    Victoria xx


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