Monday, 17 August 2009

*It's the BBC baby, the BBC! ...*

*eek* I've been sitting on something very exciting for a while now but as it is happening today I thought I would share it with you all.

Currently, at this very moment my wonderful husband James is being filmed for the BBC art show Imagine which has recently been show on BBC on a Tuesday night.

*Squeal* how exciting is that? The BBC approached the gallery that James exhibits in wanting to do a programme about the Own Art Scheme as they are so successful & they wanted an artist that undertakes commissions to be involved in the show ~ enter stage right, James!

Filming is happening at the gallery today when James meets the man who is commissioning a portrait but even more bizarrely exciting is the fact that the BBC will be filming here at our house next week!!! They are wanting to film James painting in his studio and as he works from home, they will be here ~ the BBC filming in my home, really how totally weird is that?

More filming will then be done at the beginning of September when the portrait is finished & is handed over to the owner.


The painting above is a very recent one of James', it is my current favourite! I just love it! It looks like an vintage postcard but is actually taken from a 50's glamour magazine cover.
The photo below is one of the gallery windows that I took yesterday announcing James' new collection of work. It must be terribly odd to have your name appear so largely in a window!

*Eeek* I can't wait for him to come home again & tell me all about it! I did want to be there but was informed kindly that I couldn't watch him being filmed as I would just make him laugh ~ we do tend to be like naughty school children most of the time so I think it was probably for the best ...


  1. Darling I hope you had a lovely weekend. I just stopped by to wish you a sunny day!!

    ♥ hugs ♥


  2. How very exciting. When will it be televised? He is very talented - that picture is amazing. I hope you will blog about the BBC filming in your home.
    Ruth x

  3. Just looked at your Hubby's art and IT's just amazing!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
    Let us know when it will be broadcast hun xx

    Annie x

  4. That is tremendously exciting new Alison... Well done, James! I love his vintage style--it is terrific fun, and so beautiful with ice cream colors. So glad all is going so well for you both just now! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  5. Wow, how cool is that?! Well done James! I love that picture of his you put above, it's stunning.

    Mel xxx

  6. Wow Alison that is brilliant.
    I can't wait to watch remember to tell us when. I too love James style. The Beeb in your home, that will be something to see, I do hope we get to see a bit more than the studio though!

  7. Wow! What a fantastic opportunity! I shall ask my parents who live in the UK to look out for the programme if you give us some warning before it comes out!

  8. oohhh..fantastic!
    Well done to him!
    How exciting that you're going to be on the TV....when????


  9. How exciting and well deserved. I love the style of your husbands work. Well Done Mr Amethyst X

  10. How exciting - your husband is very talented - make sure they record in every room in your house so we can have a nose! LOL

    I'm off to your shop now to treat myself to something for my living room - not finished yet! LOL


  11. You must be so proud! Tell James not too wear the wham outfit! ;0)

    I am in love with that painting!

    Good luck…love Lou xxx

  12. wow, alison! that is so exciting!!! the painting is so so COOL! the colors just pop.

    i hope that james is planning to wear his wham! wig and suntan. (still laughing at that pic!)


  13. Woooo Hoooo! How exciting, Alison! I took a peak at your mans webite when I first joined your blog, he is very talented. Be sure to let us know what date and time the show will be aired, I'll be sure to tune in! :) x

  14. How wonderful!!! I'll be back to learn more

  15. Your hubby's art is stunning!!! How exciting for you guys! Keep us posted on when it airs!

  16. Let us know when it is on.

    He is super talented by the way!

  17. How exciting!!! I love reading your blog. You may want to check out my blog... I have put an award on there for you!
    Laura x

  18. How thrilling! I do hope that we get to see him on television ~

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Marie x

  19. I absolutey adore your talented husbands art, his website has me transfixed.

    Sue xx

  20. This is where our licence fee is going ! They were on site with me at work last week however not for me personally but hopefully my beautiful drapes may get their debut!
    Regards Susan


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