Friday, 7 August 2009

*I made it through the wilderness ...*

Somehow I made it through
Didn't know how lost I was
Until I found you ...

We are off to an 80's theme party tomorrow night at a friends! *Yay* ~ I love love love fancy dress! Don't ask why I just do! Any chance I get to dress up I will! Love it!

Can you guess who my inspiration for my fancy dress is ...
(furthermore can you believe I have bought a pair of lace fingerless gloves ~ what did we ever do without E-bay???)


  1. Have a lovely time! Will you be 'Vogueing'?
    Don't forget your red lippy!
    Rachel x

  2. Yay you're going as Madonna - ooh wish I was coming with you - sounds like my idea of a brill night - have fun :)

  3. Girl, I hope is Madonna. A few years ago, some friends and I went as different Madonnas. I was material girl Madonna, with a long Satin pink dress and long white gloves. It was so much fun!

  4. that is going to be so much fun!!! you will have to give us all the details! just party like it's 1999!


  5. Madonna here you come .... yah!
    Have a blast honey.

  6. Hey chicky!!! How are you! Sorry for my lack of comments latey, please know I am always reading - just need to add 'time' to my Christmas list!!

    I was wanting to pop your shop site on our 'choice website' section on our front page?? Just wondering if you offer international posting - just so I know whether to mention that or not??

    Hope you are well xxxxx

  7. Ooooh you lucky thing! Fancy dress is always so much fun. Madonna's style in that era was wonderful. Have fun! x

  8. Do you know I think I have a pair of black lace gloves tucked away somewhere in my wardrobe. Don't think they have seen light of day for years. Maybe I need to go to an 80's party!

  9. Have the best time!! The 80s were great for dancing and as Madonna, you have free license to get down!!

  10. What fun! I love fancy dress too...but it's been ages since I was at a fancy dress party. I think weddings with fancy dress themes are wonderful and that sort of thing... But such fun you went as Madonna... and you had the perfect accessories. Hope you got Into the Groove and danced the night away--wee-hee... :o) Happy Days, Alison ((HUGS))

  11. Fancy Dress seemed the order of the day Saturday as I went to one too. Mine was for Under the Sea theme and my friend was rather clever and suggested going in greek costumes and being from the lost city of atlantis!

    Victoria x

  12. Hello Alison darling, have a splendid evening with the fingerless gloves!! No matter who you go as, you will be the belle of the ball. And I agree with you, what did we do before ebay? I so enjoy your visits and missed you terribly while I was away.
    Have a beautiful Tuesday.
    Hugs & Tea
    Duchess xx

  13. Has to be Madonna, what a lovely picture!
    Love the crucifix and lace gloves.

  14. Alison darling, I am dying to know how the party went, you looked gorgeous I bet, any photos to share with us?

    Duchess xx

  15. It certainly looks like a Material Girl! I hope that you had a wonderful time ~ do we get to see the rest of your costume?

    Marie x

  16. Ooh, wonderful! I found, or was given by an elderly relative, a pair of vintage black lace fingerless gloves when I was in my teens (in the 80s, obviously). I felt so vintage yet trendy - a rare combination for me. My teachers liked them - not sure if anyone my age was impressed. Hope you had a great time...


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