Saturday, 1 August 2009

*Grilled Veg & Goats Cheese*

In the new copy of Ideal Home Magazine they have this recipe Grilled Veg & Goats Cheese, it sounded delicious & just what I love to eat being vegetarian and so we tried it on Friday night!

It was absolutely delicious, we both just loved it. The only thing that I changed was adding avacado as we had some & I didn't have any baby leeks in & so I just added some chopped up avacado to the grilled veg instead & it was yummy! Oh & I reduced all the veg in half as there was only 2 of us.

So here is the how to:

Serves 4


1tbsp Olive Oil ~ although I just drizzled it in and didn't bother to measure any!

200g baby leeks, sliced lengthways into four

2 red peppers cut into strips

2 courgettes sliced

2 yellow peppers cut into strips

330g cherry tomatoes

1tbsp chopped fresh basil ~ again I didn't bother to measure this and just tore some up & popped it in.

400g goats cheese cut into 8 rounds

1tbsp balsamic vinegar ~ again didn't bother to measure this out!


What to do

Preheat oven to 220 degrees c/Gas Mark 7

Rub a little oil onto a ribbed griddle pan with kitchen paper.

Season the veg & cook for 4-5 mins per side until soft.

Arrange in an oven proof dish, drizzle with a little more oil & scatter over the basil.

Place cheese on the veg & bake for 15 mins.

Drizzle with the vinegar & serve with rocket & crusty bread.

It was really yummy & quick to do, great if you have guests coming over. I think I will certainly do this for friends.

Sorry no photo & only one from the magazine but I never remember to take a photo of food just as it is served, too quick to get it in our tummies!


  1. yum, that is one of my fave meals x

  2. Oh yummy I loved goats cheese and grilled veggies,

    Victoria xx

  3. subtract the cheese, and i'm in. :)


  4. sounds delish, lurve goats cheese those flowers from the last post, 98 pounds, wow! won't be getting those for a while!


  5. Looks and sounds perfect for me too.

  6. Sooo delicious...must make this one...just love goat's cheese and anything with lots of veggies. :o) Happy week, Alison ((HUGS))

  7. thank you so much for this - I've made it and it was truly wonderful - all thanks to you !!!

  8. Oh I'm so glad you liked it too Elise, isn't it yummy ~ the balsamic vinegar really makes it doesn't it!

  9. I eat mostly veg, and this combo is perfect on a sandwich, italian, baguette, or sourdough and a smidgen of dijon mustard. yum!!


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