Friday, 17 July 2009

*Thrify Retro Radio*

Goodness it has been pouring down with rain here all day. It is so grey & dark, it feels just like Autumn. Doesn't weather like this really affect you mood? I have been generally lack lustre & down all day! Anyhoo seeing as it is a miserable day I thought I would share this bit of fun with you all.

This is an old radio we found whilst looking for thrifty buys a couple of months ago, look how fab it is & it was in it's original box with the original guarantee too!
Just look at that box ~ a bit of saucy fun for a radio box, how did they ever come up with these images? We just loved the colour of the box too, doesn't it just scream 'retro'. It cost a pricey sum of £1.99 so I made James buy it as it is just up his street with the retro pin up images as he uses alot of these in his paintings he also liked the idea of putting this into one of his paintings too so it came home with us.
It now lives on top of some old Enid Blyton books in our dining room, James has the box stashed away in his studio!

Hoping to pick up a few more thrify bargains this weekend whilst out 'booting'! We went to a car boot last week but as sellers and managed to make £100! *Yay* So this week we are off back to do a spot of shopping ourselves ~ hope we manage to find some good buys. Hoping the weather is better than today's too! Keep your fingers crossed people ...


  1. That's a great find! I haven't been booting for ages. I hope the weather cheers up as well, this is grim!

    Mel xxx

  2. Oh I love it, our packaging is so boring these days in comparison. Good luck on the weather front!xxx

  3. Hi, what a good price, love it! It is raining yet again and it is only 9 am! It looks like we are in for loads more miserable weather today.

    I hope you have loads of luck finding lots of treasure at the car boot sale!

    Love Lou xxx

  4. Hope the weather is doing ,uch better for you, let us know what you find in your treasure hunt!!
    Duchess xx

  5. That radio is wonderful, Alison--what a great find, and a great deal! Hope you find some more this weekend too. It's been gray here this weekend, too...although we did manage an outing for a while yesterday--until the rains came again--LOL! Happy Weekend, my friend... LOVE the new look here. ((HUGS))

  6. I'm just catching up on some blog posts, it's taking some time to get round.

    I love your new retro radio, esp with the fab box. I do like the pin up images.

    Victoria xx


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