Wednesday, 10 June 2009

*Wave us Bon Voyage*

We are packing our bags, grabbing our sunglasses, popping on our on our flip flops (well I am anyhoo even if the weather is being naughty at the moment) typing St Tudy into our sat nav as tomorrow morning we are heading on our long journey south to Cornwall! *Yay*

It is going to come as a most welcome break as up until the other day we didn't know if we were going to be able to make it or not due to a family situation but we have been told that it is fine and so with many a 'nod-to-nautical' outfit packed ~ yes I do love to theme my clothing to places we are visiting & Cornwall is such a wonderful nautical place isn't it, call it one of my quirky obsessions to be kind! ~ I do have a whole overnight bag allocated for shoes & accessories alone though, well a girly has to look good with only a holiday capsule wardrobe with her doesn't she?

Anyway we are away from tomorrow until Friday 19th & so I have suspended all orders on the website as so many people shop on a weekly basis & I won't be able to update the stock levels whilst away so thought this was the easiest thing to do instead of returning to stock level & order mayhem which of course wouldn't be nice ~ so apologies for any inconvenience but the Vintage Amethyst Boutique will be open again on 20th June.

So wave us Bon Voyage & we will see you on our return ...


  1. Have a wonderful time,I wish I was going with you, I love Cornwall!
    Rachel x

  2. Alison, have a fabulous holiday (and I understand your outfit situation completely!!)!

  3. Have a wonderful time. I love Cornwall, can't wait for our summer holiday down there - let me know of any great places to visit! x

  4. I do hope that you have wonderful time in beautiful Cornwall and return refreshed a fit for action.
    ps. I bet we could while away many an hour taking about our accessories and themes!

  5. Have a great holiday plenty of r and r and l hope you have great weather and we only have 4 1/2 weeks untill our holiday ,we cant wait.


  6. You make sure you have a fab time!!!

    I would love to go back too Cornwall this year, it is so beautiful.

    Love Lou xxx

  7. have a fantastic time!

    I am going to Cornwall too in 5 weeks, can't wait!

    Rose XXX

  8. How wonderful - do have a lovely time! My mother's entire wardrobe could be summed up by your excellent phrase 'nod to nautical'. Her dad was in the navy, then she married my dad, also a navy man. Her favourite colour is blue, followed by white and red, and her favourite pattern is stripes. The little sailing boat button on my blog header was hers as a child, and as an adult she was constantly approached at airports by people thinkng she was a BA stewardess!

  9. I wish I was going.....Have a lovely time X

  10. Wishing you safe, happy journey, Alison...and that the sun will grace you on your holiday! Don't miss at least one cream tea! :o) ((HUGS))

  11. Hope you have a wonderful holiday,takes lots of photos!!

  12. Enjoy your break and enjoy all your co-ordinating accessories!

    It's funny my friend is investigating some cottage breaks and I said I couldn't possibly go without purchasing a summer range of luggage from CK!

    Victoria xc

  13. how fun! have a wonderful time!!!


  14. Cornwall is always in my heart... a very special place.. as I spent so many of my childhood holidays there..
    Hope you are having a fabulous time.. eating pasties, clotted cream ice-creams and soaking up the salty air and sun .....


  15. Hvae a wonderful time in Cornwall.


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