Saturday, 20 June 2009

*Home Again*

Well here we are home again after our week away in Cornwall.
Please note this wonderful pink cottage isn't our home ~ oh if only! It was one of the beautiful cottages in St. Mawes but I think I will have to do a post on just those pretty cottages alone at a later date.

We had a lovely week. Had mixed weather, some lovely hot & sunny days & then some horrid rainy ones too ~ hey ho that's the British summer for you isn't it?
We tried to fit as much in as possible and visited lots of the wonderful places to visit in Cornwall & of course ate & drank far too much and now we are in desperate need to diet but that can probably wait until Monday!!!
Needing time this weekend to relax & recover from such a hectic holiday ~ does anyone else ever feel they actually need a lovely relaxing holiday to recover from a holiday? Although last night I did have a wonderful long soak in the bath, popped on a pair of cute & comfy pj's & we had nibbles whilst sipping Pimms Royale (Champagne & Pimms) & watched a Miss Marple ~ just perfect!

Of course today I'm on with the huge amount of washing that needs to be done & the weather isn't being kind to me, I've already hung a load out on the line, in bright sunshine I may add, only to have to dash & collect it all in again 2 minutes later as it was absolutely pouring down I got soaked & then of course once I came back inside with a basket full of wet laundry, bright sunshine again! Oh I could spit! (Oh I do love that old fashioned phrase ~ note to self: use it more often!) Oh just looked outside again & it is raining again and the washing machine has just finished another load, nice!

Anyhoo, it's back to business with the shop & it certainly doesn't stop as 30 minutes after I opened again 2 orders came so it's back to work for me for sure.
It certainly is lovely to be home again though although thoughts are creeping in about when we shall be off on our travels once again ...


  1. Oh I'm in love with the pink cottage. Now that sounds perfect ~ pj's, pimms and Miss Marple. A new Miss Marple with Julia McKenzie is on TV tomorrow night, so will see if I like her in it!!

    Lovely site, will come back and read some more ...

  2. hi alison.

    what a great cottage! sounds like you had a nice getaway. it's always nice to be back but why is there always so much laundry?!

    happy to find someone who knows about the lemonheads.


  3. Hi Alison, such a pretty cottage!.Sounds like you had a lovely time, laundry's such a pain though!
    Rachel x

  4. i wish that was my cottage, beautiful, happy pink

  5. Glad to hear you had a lovely break but I completely understand how you feel about needing a holiday after a holiday! One good thing about so far not going away this year is being able to use my annual leave from work on days off to potter at home or do day trips which means i feel like i've had a proper break and don't have piles of things to catch up on.

    Nice to have you back and glad the website is busy for you

    Victoria xxx

  6. I'm back, I love your Nigella recipes, I watch her show and cannot get over how she has this sex appeal without trying ~ like just mixing something in a bowl looks dead sexy!

    Also saw the Heartbeat pub, I used to watch it but it's not on anymore :(

    Thanks for comments too! xxx

  7. Welcome back, Alison! Glad you had such a great holiday...LOVE that pink cottage! Home sweet home that is... :o) I can very much relate to what you were saying about holidays. It's wonderful to go away, but holidays to have a way of being busy and not always 100% as relaxing as we'd like--LOL! But always good with a little get away to recharge the batteries. Fun you've come home to orders though--super! I've had no sales since March--not good... LOL! Hope you're enjoying the weekend settling in at home again. Happy Days ((BIG HUGS))

  8. Hi Alison,

    Glad you had a great holiday :-)

    That really is a very pretty cottage!

    Rose XXX

  9. Just came across yr blog via Moonspinner and had to comment after reading a few previous posts! Love its title and images. And anyone with a penchant for the shabby chic style gets my vote...!
    Hope to be back again soon to take a closer look at earlier posts!
    Take care,
    PS What a beautiful cottage!

  10. Hello Alison...thank you for taking the time to pop in.....just been reading you blog, I find it so calming....xx


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