Thursday, 16 April 2009

*A Homemade Home*

Kirsties Homemade Home is a new series that starts tonight on Channel 4 with the beautiful Kirstie Allsop ~ I just love her don't you? Anyway the show 'sets out to inspire viewers to explore the world of crafts as she transforms a dilapidated country cottage in Devon in to the ultimate 'homemade' home.'

Now doesn't this sound like a yummy show, I've got it Sky + so that I won't miss an episode!
I can't wait!


  1. Just discovered your lovely blog Alison x Happy to be a follower of you if you will have me!
    And I too am looking forward to Kirstys show tonight

  2. I am excited about this show too, have it on Sky+ so can watch at my leisure without OH around ;o)

  3. me too - will watch tomorrow whilst kiddos watch a dvd in the playroom!

  4. I am sending you a big kiss Alison, thanks too you I sat down and watched the best program I have seen in a long time.
    If you could give me a bit more notice next time I only had 4 min too have my bath before it started! ;0)
    I love her too; I think it might have something to do with her clothes and shoes though.
    Thanks again hun!
    Love Lou xxx

  5. i missed this tonight and am fuming..just hoping that i can get it on catch up!!
    i love kirsty though i think shes a fab role model for us girlies!

  6. Watched it,it was great,just up my street every thing i love to do,looking forward to next week.

    Best wishes Pat.

    P.S my word verification is bless

  7. This was just the best programme since Anthea's Perfect Housewife!!

    My dad was watching the football so mum and I huddled in my room and watched it together.

    Victoria xx

  8. Hi Alison
    Yes I watched it too. Kirstie is lovely and I loved her mum and dads home too. I wanted to see more of Cath Kidstons home!, it left you wanting more!
    take care x Dom

  9. watched it and thought it was really good!
    I was intriged to see Cath kidston home and was surprised her kitchen was so modern! but it worked! :)

  10. Oh dear, the trials of moving to France and refusing cable TV for reasons of purity and authenticity! I just hope that this is a series that gets onto DVD. I've really enjoyed discovering your blog. Thanks!

  11. Oh pooh!! I was just getting all excited as it sounds like my kind of show, and then I realised you wrote this post yesterday! I'll make sure I catch it next week though! Have a lovely weekend.
    Rachel xx

  12. Sounds good...transforming a run-down cottage in to home-sweet-home...That sound fun and a great challenge! Happy weekend, Alison :o) ((HUGS))

  13. Hi Alison, me again! Just watched it on the computer (hooray for the internet!) - and am now consumed by a desire to learn how to throw pots and blow glass!! ;) My new favourite programme!
    R x


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