Sunday, 19 April 2009

*Do you Twitter?*

Ok so I joined Twitter a while ago not really knowing or understanding what it was, but I saw that Martha Stewart had recently joined and thought 'well if it's good enough for Martha, I will see what it is all about' and promptly joined up! Call be gullible if you will! *giggle*

Anyhoo, it took a while to get over thinking 'well what is the point' but I tried and posted a few messages, followed Martha of course and then found other people including more famous people ~ Alan Carr has to be my favourite he makes me giggle all the time! I found a few online people I knew on it so followed them and vice versa & then a few weeks on I'm addicted ~ well sort of in a nice 'oh I have a free moment I will pop on twitter' kind of way and not a star stalker kind of way ~ just to clear that up!

I just don't know how it happened, I think that little birdie somehow gets to you, perhaps sings you to sleep or wakes you up on a morning with it's sweet twittering. It may be the fact that it is almost like blogging but without the pressure to do a huge 'interesting' (said lightly) post, a couple of lines telling people what you are up to & that is it ~ fab!

Anyhoot, what I want to know is do any of you lovely folks out there twitter and if you do tell me your Twitter name I want to follow you (not in a creepy way of course)! My Twitter name is (surprise suprise) VintageAmethyst if you want to take a peek at me but I warn you now, I'm not terribly exciting ...


  1. I've never got into Twitter, though so many people love it! I already use Facebook and to me Twitter sounds like the status updates from that... with that and blogging I daren't add another thing to keep me stuck to the PC ;)

    mel xxx

  2. Well I have joined but I still really dont get it!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I don't twitter - like Shabby Chick, I am on Facebook, although I don't really "do" that either - I spend far too much time already on the computer blogging (writing and reading!!)

  4. Think i prefer blogging,i'm still new to this but i love it and it more than keeps me busy, DH does facebook and its never appealed too me so i'll stick to this good luck with Twittering though.

    Have a good week best wishes Pat

  5. I think twitter will "twitter out" in the end. I wonder if people will get really sick of it?

  6. I haven't joined, i can't be on the pc anymore than i am already!!

  7. Hiya, I signed up about two weeks ago as I realised Jamie Oliver is on there, I follow Alan Carr too, I love him!! I stil dont really understand it but it seems fun!
    I go under 'I Love Interiors' ........Claire xx

  8. I don't twitter anymore, I used to but found the amount of emails I was getting was clogging up my inbox, plus I don't have time.
    I use facebook - but only to keep in touch with school and uni friends.

  9. oooh my goodness, I didn't realise there was jamie oliver and the like on there!

    i do tweet but I am not sure why, like you when I started I was like what the *** is this about, now I quite like doing it, but just for know

    enjoy I'm off to follow you


  10. Oh I don't get updates sent to my e-mail, I just pop on when I have time & catch up!
    I don't use Facebook as I find that a little on the creepy side. Hate the thought of people from my past finding & contacting me ~ urgh! Hated the fact you had to use your real name! Weird! If I liked them I would still be friends with them now! lol!

  11. No, not Twittering yet...but soon! :o) Got enough on my plate already, but hope to add one more spoonful to it during the summer...Happy Days, Alison ((HUGS))

  12. Hi Alison,

    I haven't joined twitter myself,(facebook is about as good as I get!) but I recently saw a guy on the telly that went around the world for free doing an experiment where he could only use methods of transport or stay at places provided by people on twitter! Crazy to think he did all that! Needless to say he's apparently writing a book about it now!

    Rose X

  13. Hi alison, I've joined twitter but don't really use it mainly as most of the time i'm reading blogs, emails and on facebook that to add another regular website to my list would be overload!

    Victoria x


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