Friday, 20 March 2009

*Chalkboard Hearts Back in Stock!*

*Yay* the heart chalkboards are now back in stock!

It's been a while as I looked for someone that could make the hearts for me instead of my poor husband James having to cut them out all the time! They sell really well and so he was having to cut lots out all the time, so I'm glad I've found a company that can do them for us as it makes life so much easier.

The one above is the large heart chalkboard & costs £12.00 find it *here*

These are the smaller chalkboards. They are a slightly more rounded shape than before but just as cute.

Small black heart chalkboard can be found *here*

The pink heart chalkboard can be found *here*

And the blue heart chalkboard can be found *here*

All the smaller chalkboards cost £6.00 each and are just totally cute.
The blue & pink hearts are so lovely for little ones.


Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday, weather is lovely & sunny here today & hope it stays like that all weekend.
My sister & family are coming to visit this weekend to stay with my mum & dad for Mothers Day and so that cutie great-newphew of mine will be here for me to cuddle & kiss his chubby cheeks ~ I'm so excited to see him again as it has been a month since I've seen him and so he will have grown lots, as they do when they are only a few weeks old. *Eeek* I'm so happy to see him again!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Mothers Day weekend!


  1. I love the pink one! Enjoy your weekend Alison.

    Marie x

  2. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and get lots of cuddles with your little great nephew.

    I like the chalkboards a lot, I think the small black one is my favourite :)

    mel xxx

  3. They are so cute. I like them all.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend with your great nephew, and get plenty of cuddles X

  4. Hi Alison, I am so jealous; I wish I could have lots of cuddles with your nephew!

    Have a lovely weekend with lots of cuddles hun!
    Love the chalk boards, they are so cute…love Lou xxx

  5. £20.60 I thought they must have priced it wrong because it was not a cheap shop, I have been looking for ages but like you they have been too expensive.
    Don’t you worry about poor little me and no cuddles! :0(
    Only joking you have a lovely time! xxx

  6. I hope you're having fun with your family this weekend.

    We've had my nephew with us all week as his parents are away, has been great fun.

    Victoria xx

  7. Hello...I really really loved the 7 days of Cath...was wonderful!xxx

  8. These are soooo pretty! I just love the pink one I won from your giveaway last year...And that soft blue is lovely! Hope you are having a terrific weekend! ((HUGS))

  9. Very preety chalkboards. I love the blue one.
    Have a fantastic weekend with your family.
    Isabelle x

  10. the chalkboards are great. love the blue!!

  11. Hi Alison, How exciting a film crew? I wonder what they were filming. It might have been a Catherine Cookson. Its so lovely 'there', and so old its a perfect setting for a period drama. We go there alot, sometimes just for a drive in the evening as its not far, but still feels as though we have had a little 'outing'. Id love a house there, but apart from the price the main reason is there is never any mobile signal and Mr K's job involves alot of internal calls that come to his mobi so its useless. If I ever can afford to live there he will just have to stand on a hill with his phone in the air LOL! X

  12. those chalk boards are really REALLY good!

    Sam xx


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