Wednesday, 25 February 2009

*Cheese & Castles*

Seeing as the weather has took a wonderful turn towards Spring, we thought we would have a day out on Sunday, so off we headed to Hawes in Wensleydale.

We have to take The Buttertubs Pass to get to Hawes which is a wonderful high road set between mountains. It is said that the name of the potholes came from the times when farmers would rest there on their way to market. During hot weather they would lower the butter they had produced into the potholes to keep it cool. I remember visiting the Buttertubs when I was at school and being severely disappointed that I didn't see huge wooden tubs of butter by the side of the road!!!

Anyhoot on we travelled to Hawes which is obviously famous as being the home of Wensleydale cheese. MMmmmm delicious!

It has an old railway with vintage train too, this above is the old railway sign. I do love old signs!

A lovely old steam train.

The Mulberry Bush is one of my favourite shops in Hawes filled to the brim with Emma Bridgewater, Cath Kidston & other adorable goodies! There is also an antiques shop next door and in the window they had a most immaculate old Chopper bike, in a lovely copper! Oooohhh do you all remember the old Chopper's, did you have one? I had one which used to belong to my cousin (I think I was too small when they were totally the rage!) It was a most wonderful purple colour though! I didn't manage to get a photo though as sooo many people were crowded round it all the time!

Look at this little fella, he is a piggie that sits outside a Butchers shop, how cute is he? When we walked back past him again a little toddler was patting him and saying his final goodbyes before having to continue walking down the street.

After a lovely time in Hawes we decided to head back home a different way & tumbled over into Cumbria & I'm so glad we did as we came across this!

This is Pendragon Castle and apparently Pendragon Castle is reputed to have been founded by Uther Pendragon, the father of King Arthur. According to legend, Uther Pendragon and a hundred of his men were killed here when the Saxon invaders poisoned the well.

You can read more about it & see more wonderful photos *here*.
James disappearing into a room in the old castle!

On our journey we had been warned about Red Squirrels and when we stopped at the castle this sign was right outside the wall so of course I had to take a photo of it! How adorable being warned of Red Squirrels!

This old V R postbox was at the other side of the gate to the castle! I do love old postboxes for some reason!

On our way home we went through Barnard Castle which we visit often and so decided to take this quick snap shot to finish our day whilst waiting at the traffic lights!
It was a lovely spring day & I hope that many more lovely days are to come.


  1. Hi, what a fab day out, Wensleydale always reminds me of Wallace and Gromit, a fave in our household, 'more cheese Gromit' lol
    My brother had a chopper and he had the flag flying at the back, they are cool looking arent they!!
    Your hubby is a fantastic artist!!
    Claire xx

  2. Oh what a lovely day out you had.

    Victoria xx

  3. Great photos and what a fab day out. My son loved looking at your train pic! x

  4. that looks like a lovely place to visit. Especially as there ia a nice shop too!. I see so many places when visiting blogs I want to visit xx

  5. hi alison!

    thank you for the lovely field trip complete with shopping!!!

    thanks also for the sweet comments on my blog.


  6. Great photos!

    I took a peek at your website, ahh, so lovely, i'm espesh smitten as a kitten with this

  7. What a lovely day out Alison. I love Hawes and have found memories of travelling over the Buttertubs, especially in winter! I seem to recall a terrific fish and chip shop in Hawes ~ I wonder if it is still there?

    Marie x

  8. That certainly looks like a grand day out!
    I remember riding my uncles bike which was a yellow chopper with shocking pink flashes...ah... the garish 70's..!!

  9. Hi Alison, looks like you had a fab day out, I love old postboxes too, I don’t feel as sad now knowing it’s not just me.
    I would have loved to have gone into the Mulberry shop, it sounds like my kind of shop.
    I had a chopper, it was my brother’s old one, my Grandad done it all up for me, I loved that bike!
    Love Lou xxx

  10. Such fun, Alis!on...Thanks for taking us along! It does look very spring-like there...What JOY! Do you a bit of Wensleydale cheese there? And chance of a bite? I love that cheese...mmm...Happy weekend :o) ((HUGS))

  11. Ooh I enjoyed your photos. What a lovely day out. I think Hawes will have to go on my 'to visit' list. Loved seeing the castle, so much history. I spotted a red squirrel just before Xmas, it was a fleeting glimpse but a rare treat X


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