Monday, 26 January 2009

*He Arrived!*

The little baby boy we have all been waiting for finally arrived on Sunday 25th January at 12.10am, a healthy 8lbs 11ozs ~ I am finally a Great Aunt at the very young age of 34!
Mummy & baby are doing well and are now at home.
He is a little cutie pie from the photos I've seen & I just can't wait to meet him!


  1. Aww thats lovely news. Congratulations to you all......Great Auntie!!! LOL! X

  2. Conngratulations Auntie Alison!, that is a fine weight for a bubba. Mine were 8lb 2 & 8lb 3!. I thought that was heavy enough and was glad one was a week early! . Congratulations to mummy & daddy X

  3. What JOY! Congratulations Auntie Alison & Uncle James! So very happy for you & all your family! Hope new mum and baby boy are doing well. 34 is very young to be a great-aunt already--LOL! Happy week, my friend ((HUGS)) Oh, stop by if you get a chance--I'm having a fun Valentine Giveaway this week! :o)

  4. awwww lovely congrats to you all x

  5. Love and best wishes to you and your family now the fun begins have a great week.

  6. Oh congratulations to all the family!

  7. Awww bless! And what a good weight, congratulations too all of you!!!
    Love Lou xxx

  8. Aww congratulations! My heaviest one was 7Lb 13oz so I don't envy her the weight ;) Hope you get to meet him soon xxx

  9. Hi Great Aunty, there are two awards waiting for you!!
    Congratulations, I imagine he is beautiful!! Claire xx

  10. Warmest congratulations Alison ~ my goodness! A great aunt at 34!

    Marie x

  11. Oh how lovely for you and the proud parents.I'm glad the baby and Mother are doing well.May God bless you all.Hugs Marie Antionette

  12. What lovely news, hope they're both doing well. Just think of all the lovely things you can make for him!!!

    Congratulations Great Aunt!!!


  13. By now you will have met your new great nephew. That's a good weight - bet he's beautiful! Love the shoes.

  14. Auntie Alison, CONGRATULATIONS!
    He sounds like a wonderful buddle of joy.
    Enjoy many hugs and snuggles.

    Congratulations to Mum and Dad also, they did all the hard work lol (well Mum did).
    Wishing you all love and happiness with your new little bubba boy.

    Catherine x


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