Monday, 10 November 2008

*Heart Shaped Chalkboards*

Oooohh goodness has everyone gone chalking mad!?!
Over the weekend it seems like everyone has gone crazy for the heart chalkboards!
And not just for one type either all of the different types too.
I think lots of you are loving these 2 different types of country rustic style chalk hearts for your own kitchens this Autumn & Winter.

But these little cuties seem to be bought for gifts mostly.
Cute for little ones for Christmas goodies.
~ These both cost £6.00 each.
And of course these festive chalk hearts are being bought for the Christmas season!

I think lots of you started your Christmas shopping over the weekend and you are certainly keeping me very busy, but you know I love it. These chalkboard hearts seem to be the overall winner over the weekend though, although the small cream heart memo holders weren't too far behind and the large cream memo holders have all sold out but don't worry I will be getting more in very soon!
The large heart chalkboards & the red chalkboards are all sold at the moment too but I will be getting lots more made this week so if anyone is wanting one of these they are on there way!
Well I better be off and get back to packing all the weekend orders up, and just a quick thank you to everyone who bought lots of goodies over the last few days, you are all wonderful people.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


  1. your chalk hearts are adorable. i really enjoy your blog. it's so light and airy!

  2. I just love my heart chalk board that I won from you earlier in the spring...I use it all the time. No surprising it's a popular item...they're so cheery & earth-friendly--gotta love that! Happy Days, Alison ((HUGS))

  3. Your blog is sooooooooooo pretty! I will be coming to do some christmas shopping in your lovely shop soon. xxx


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