Sunday, 24 August 2008

*Market Spectacular*

We live in a market town and so markets have always been important to the town. We have a big indoor market, out door markets, a monthly craft market, a monthly Farmers market and twice a year we have a french market where lots of stall holders from France come for 3 days ~ this is a fab market! We also have a pottery fair which comes once a year and we have the Christingle market at Christmas.

But last weekend we had the 4 day Market Spectacular! Which consists of 300 stalls over taking the town centre.

The Market Spectacular is a host of stalls which combine all the markets and more, there were stalls from all over the world, and every stall you could think of! The Market Spectacular also consisted of Eco stalls which sell an array of 'green' products.

I loved looking at this Dutch Cheese-stall, as I shouted from a far when I saw it 'Ooohhh wheels of cheese!' and then made a bee-line for it!

I'm afraid I have to say I didn't get very good photos as the market was so incredibly busy on Saturday and absolutely jam packed with people and so I had to snap a photo quickly when no-one was standing in the way before that space quickly disappeared!

As you can see here is a German Sausage stall, these reminded us so much of the little markets that set up in Germany. There was even a German beer stall with wooden chairs and big umbrellas to enjoy your beer and this was next to the Hog Roast stall, which unfortunately I didn't get a photo of! There was a full roasted hog too! Eeek!

Unfortunately the market was marred by a fire that had broke out in the early hours of Friday (the morning the day the market was starting) as a hotel in the town centre went up in flames.
Fortunately no one was hurt and everyone was evacuated safely.

A lot of the town centre was closed that day as the hotel is very central and joins to many shops and a shopping centre, so most of it had to be closed for safety reasons. Sadly a portion of the stalls nearest to the hotel had to be closed too which would have been such a shame for the stall holders especially as many had travelled from Europe. But these stalls were allowed to open the next day which I am sure they were all very happy about.

Here is a quick shot of the hotel roof.

But with this aside the market was a huge success, with all the wonderful European food stalls, and children's rides, and street entertainment & a big wheel in the market place, music from live bands I think everyone in the town and from afar really enjoyed this wonderful 4 day event.


  1. Oh, that looks so good, and such fun! How great you live a town with such variety and a market! I so wish we had such a market in our town...the closest one is almost an hour away. Thanks for sharing, Alison! Happy Sunday ((HUGS))

  2. Alison, everything looks so good! I have bookmarked your blog for the future-love all your products!!

  3. Oh I love markets, a four day market sounds like heaven!!


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