Friday, 25 July 2008

*Lollipop Shoes*

Last week whilst feeling a bit mimsy (I word I use alot and all you Lewis Carroll fans will surely know what it means and as Humpty-Dumpty explains to Alice in Through the Looking Glass, its meaning as being a blend of flimsy and miserable) I thought I would cheer myself up with these pretty 'Lollipop Shoes'!

I had seen them a few days before and then couldn't stop thinking about them and so on a particularly mimsy day, off we went to get them. I did want a lovely green pair too which were slightly different with a 'wooden' heel but the 5 was a bit tight and the 6 was too big so I had to settle on just the red pair ~ well I can't be too greedy can I?

I just love how super cute they are with their big button.
Now they are not as vibrant as Zozie's lollipop shoes in Joanne Harris' new book which I finished reading last week, but I love them and they are my lollipop shoes!

I loved this book, it is the follow up to Chocolat and so Vianne and Anouk are back although with different names, and not to give too much of the story away for those that haven't read it yet I was slightly disappointed in Vianne as she had changed so much and it was odd that Anouk seemed so grown up now albeit at the tender age of 11, but this didn't deter at all from a great read and had its purpose in the book of course.

It took me a few weeks to read this wonderful book but that is because I loved it so much ~ odd I know but when I am really enjoying a book I read it in tiny portions generally a chapter at a time. I am like Charlie with that Wonka bar, unfolding the corner ever so slowly! I don't know why I do this, I think it is because I want to really make it last and linger over it and think about each tiny part ~ literally like eating a chocolate bar! One thing I do hate is coming to the end of books, I wish they could go on and on forever.

As with Chocolat this book had lots of lovely characters visiting the Chocolaterie and you could just smell that wonderful aroma swirling it's way out of the book making your mouth water, oh and it has the exciting & mysterious Zozie with her lollipop shoes, what more can you ask for in a book ~ Magic, Christmas, the lovely Roux perhaps? Well yes it has all those things too!
Let hope they make this one into a film with the beautiful Juliette Binoche and the ever handsome Mr Depp ~ fingers crossed girls.


  1. A new pair of shoes always cheers me up!

    Victoria x

  2. What gorgeous shoes, I've seen a green pair in the Oli catalogue that I want it stems from the cover of this months Real Homes magazine as the lady from one of the houses featured in it is on the cover wearing a gorgeous pair of green shoes!!
    I'm currently reading The Lollipop Shoes for the book club I've joined, I've found it hard to get into, had to go back and read the first three chapters agian as I got quite confues who was were supposed to meet this week but its been posponed till next week which means I can finish it in time!!
    Claire x

  3. LOVE those cheery, cherry shoes, Alison...those are very smart! I'm waiting for the book from the library, I recommended it, so waiting for them to get it in--can't wait to read it! Happy weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

  4. What a fabulous pair of shoes Alison!

    I haven't read this book yet, but it is on my list, as I loved Chocolat.

    Have a great weekend.

    Marie x

  5. Oh! Those shoes are so sweet! I love their name "Lollipop shoes" too!!

  6. Oh I'm so glad you reviewed that book, as I hate buying books and finding out there rubbish. Yet another one to go onto the list or to get from the library as my book quota has been spent for the year recently!

    The shoes are lovely, but remember what they say about wearing red shoes! 'Red shoes no knickers'. I have 3 pairs of red shoes and let me tell you I always wear knickers, so please don't let the saying be true!!!!

    Have a good weekend


  7. Ohhhhhh! Where from, where from?? Please tell me they are within a cafe owners budget?? They are bee-yewtiful!x

  8. Love those shoes! I have some that are rather similar, but think I may just have to be on the lookout for THOSE :)

  9. Isn't it a wonderful book Alison, it took me a while to get into it too but I loved it. I have a thing about red shoes, I love them. My daughters had little ones when they were young, sweet Red Mary Janes, I wish I had some for me, yours are gorgeous

  10. What gorgeous shoes! I've always had a "thing" for red shoes ever since I was a teeny girl!


  11. Cute shoes sweetie.
    I've been looking for this book, checking out every charity shop and boot fair. I hate buying books from new, it's just one odd thing about me lol
    I'll get me hands on it soon I'm sure.
    I found the Chocolat book the other in our PDSA shop for a very cheeky 90p what a bargain.
    I have the film and it's got to be one of the most watched ones we own. Jade and I love nothing more than to snuggle up with a hot drink and bar or two of chocolate and swoon over the yummy Mr Depp. What heaven hehe!
    Enjoy the rest of the week hun.
    Many hugs.
    Catherine x

  12. Shoes do it every time. They are truly fab. I loved Lollipop shoes but agree with your comments.

  13. I'm so pleased to have read this post as I'm struggling with this book like serendipity and think I'll have to start again as I'm confused. I didn't read Chocolat which may have something to do with it. I'll persevere in the light of your comments though!

    Love the shoes!


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