Thursday, 17 July 2008

*Hungry Girls' Cookbook*

I'm a hungry girl ~ or should that be a greedy girl(?!?) anyway have you seen these fab books?
Just how cute do they look???

Rachel Pitts, Leah Holscher and Katherine Bird – friends since high school – have combined their love of food to write, photograph and illustrate The Hungry Girls' Cookbooks. These three young women have self-published and handmade these special cookbooks and filled them with exciting recipes for the home cook. Each edition is lined with cloth and sewn together by hand, making them more like works of art than regular recipe books.

You can find the website *here*

I think they are only sold in Australia at the mo, but you can buy them from the website.
I would love to see one in real, they sound just delicious don't they?
Mmmmm I'm feeling hungry now!


  1. wow- they look great! Soon to be sold in a Waitrose near you, no doubt!x

  2. They are delightful and at 19.90 (pounds) for you guys including delivery is a steal! You always find the best stuff! xx


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