Tuesday, 10 June 2008

*Exhibiton Evening*

Friday night was the opening night of the summer exhibition at *The Biscuit Factory* in Newcastle and our friend Lisa House was one of the participating artists, so off up the motorway to Newcastle we went! It is horrid to drive through Newcastle but we had a trusty Tom Tom to guide our way!

Once we arrived (safely I may add, as the last time we tried to get there we couldn't find the place and then our car over heated ~ nice) a lovely glass of rose bubbly met us at the door, and off we went to find Lisa. Luckily we bumped into her straight away as the place was jam packed full of people. The Biscuit Factory gallery is big and on 2 floors and is full of art, ceramics, jewellery ~ oh and I even found some felt cupcakes on a cake stand but didn't dare take a photo as at first I wasn't sure if I was allowed and when I looked about to see if anyone was looking lots of people were including staff so I had to walk away grumpily!

Anyhoo of we went to see Lisa's spot and she had a great spot on the second floor at the top of the stairs. She had already sold one painting before we got there ~ fab! We had already seen Lisa's paintings at her studio a few weeks ago, but it was lovely to see them hung in her space to be seen properly.

Sorry these photos aren't too great but as I said the place was absolutely full to the brim but luckily there was a quick quiet time & so not one to waste opportunity I whipped my camera out and took some quick shots before people strolled back into view again! I did only manage 2 though!

A live band played all night at the top of the stairs which added to the great atmosphere of a lovely evening.


  1. wow, she is one clever girl! Love the name 'Biscuit Factory' as well, very cool!x

  2. What a great evening...and fantastic workds of art! Your friend is very gifted with paint & brush...her works have a Turner-esque quality. Thanks for sharing! ((HUGS)) Oh, stop by when you can, I'm having a gift giveaway! :o)

  3. Your friend is very clever they are gorgeous.
    Sounds like a great evening.
    Shame you couldn't get the photo of the cupcakes.
    Catherine x


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