Wednesday, 18 June 2008

*Cath Kidston Bags at Tesco*

Have you seen the news that Cath Kidston has designed a range of eco-shoppers for supermarket Tesco?
Mmmmm pretty cute!
The bags are truly eco-friendly, being made entirely of recycled plastic (PET) bottles.
The range has been launched to raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care.
Neither Tesco nor Cath Kidston are profiting at all from the sale of these bags. They will retail at £3.50, with 50p from each purchase going to charity.

The first two designs of the collection, a multi floral fashion print and Kidston's classic blue spot print - will be launch next month. Four more classic prints will be rolled out over six months up until Christmas, with the number of each design available limited!!!!

Eeek I have a feeling I will fall in love with the whole collection ~ but we don't have a Tesco in our town! Boo!
I am guessing they are going to be v. popular too, so you will have to get in there quickly for them ladies ~ good luck!


  1. I don't shop at Tescos either so I'm going to have to get my thinking cap on too ...!

  2. Thanks for the heads up... I'll get myself off to Tesco very soon!

    Maybe i'll get a few up for a giveaway or something with my 100 post coming up!

    Victoria xx

  3. Ooh, they look lovely! I wonder if they'll go as quick as the "I'm not a plastic bag" bags did!

  4. How fabulous! Thanks for the tip, where's my coat....x

  5. Argh! I hate Tesco's and won't put a foot in the doors of ours on the corner lol
    Now I'm going to get a pair of big dark glasses to snap up one of those lovelies.
    I support the Hugh's chicken out and Tesco are just so nasty and won't change their flaming ways.
    Money grabbing bunch of fatcats lol
    ok moan over hehe!
    Many hugs.
    Catherine x

  6. OOOO they do look lovely, I was lucky enough to get two of the Anya Hindmarch bags on the We Are What We Do website, I kept one and gave one away to a friend. I don't know about you but I have so many diffrent style bags now that I feel like a bag, my fave one is the M + S one in bright green with Twiggy on the front, its huge, you can get sooooo much in it, only trouble is I'm afraid my sholder will pop one day when I'm lugging the bag xx

  7. Oh my I'm going to have to get my Kentish friend to stalk Tesco until Christmas! 6 prints to collect - yay!!!

  8. I hope they don't go like the Sainsbury's bags & end up selling for a fortune of ebay instead of being used for shopping! I will have to try & remember to look out for them next month - thanks for the tip!


  9. hi Alison..I was just going to say the same as Jayne in the comment these will appear on an ebay near you very soon!! they are lovely though arent they!

  10. Thanks for the tip off, I tend to dash into Tesco for milk and dash out again but I'm going to have a scout around for these!

  11. oooh I love these bags! I have been made very aware in the change of bags recently at our local supermarkets, with limits on the plastic carriers, so we are investing in the large natural bags, these bags would make a great addition! I dont shop at tescos but we have one nearby, so I will be off to get mine soon!!!

    Thank you for the info

    Priscilla x

  12. How am I going to get my hands on one or two from New Zealand. It's a problem that I determined to find a solution to. They are lovely and I can think of lots of good uses for them. I would pretty much sell my souls for these beauties.


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