Friday, 28 September 2007

*Autumn Display*

Well Autumn is well and truly underway now isn't it, and as it was the Autumn Equinox last weekend and we were having guests over I decorated the house with lots of lovely Autumnal lovelies, so I thought I would share some pictures with you all!

Below is a candle display on my dining room table.
The glass candle holder is stuffed with cinnamon sticks, dried bay leaves nuts and cloves.

This is at the fireside, although I have now moved this blue jug into the dining room now, things don't stay put in one place for long in this house!!!
The candle holder is stuffed with the same as the other one, these candles are well and truly burned down now since these photos were taken!
Below is the top of the fire ~ I decorated a small willow wreath with some of the lovely fabric leaves I brought back from Germany with me! Although this was only for the weekend and now the leaves have been taken off and it now sits on a bookcase!
The little stars I have just made the other day, I made them for Christmas but they looked so good with all the other Autumnal things that they got placed here for a while! (They have now been moved to a book case though ~ see I told you things don't stay put for long!)
They are made with fabric that I coffee stained and rubbed with cinnamon and then baked for a lovely primitive grubby look! The star on the right has a stick of cinnamon tied to it too. I scented them with some delicious smelling Cinnamon Roll fragrance, which is yummy and bakery smelling!
I tend to go all 'Primitive' when it gets to Autumn/Winter time, I just love the cosy look and then when Spring arrives I tend to go all Shabby Cath Kidston-y!!!


Here is a bowl of mini pumpkins that I bought to have around Halloween time, but they are just too cute that I have put them out now and they are on my coffee table and are still there now, one or two are dotted around in different places too!

Ooohhhh they are just *sooooo* cute!


Well I hope you are all enjoying our early Autumn days and keeping cosy and warm.


  1. I decorate to honour the seasons too, and I love your displays! Its the little touches that turn houses into homes.
    Leanne x

  2. Ooh Alison-everything looks so pretty!! Love your blue jug and those mini-pumpkins!!

  3. it all looks lovely, those stars are brilliant! It is all so warm looking.
    Sarah x

  4. Aaahh thank you, I love making the home cosy in the winter-time don't you?
    Alison x

  5. Alison you are just stunning at doing all this stuff, it looks fantastic! Honest, and if your goodies werent fantastic enough your photos are stunning too.

    You have a brilliant flair, eye for detail and fantabulous taste!! xx

  6. Hi,
    I love your elegant autumn displays!The mini pumpkins are very cute, I also love decorating at this time of year....

    Priscilla x

  7. Love your autumn displays.
    :) Bren

  8. Your photographs of your inspiring seasonal touches have made me feel very warm and cosy (and a little home-sick for good 'ole Blighty).

    Autumn was always one of my favourite English seasons. I love those crystal clear days, with a touch of frost in the air, and the leaves ablaze of colours.

    Here in New Zealand we saw the first 'Pohutukawa' blossom on the tree today and my daughter said,'That's the first sign that Christmas is on its way!'.

    I'm busy planting tomato plants and trying to work out a way to decorate the house for Christmas and celebrate the summer too! Paua shell decorations and Pohutukawa blossoms I'm thinking... with maybe a driftwood Christmas tree!

    Thanks for making me smile.

    Your blog is beautiful,



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