Monday, 13 August 2007


*eek* Friends forgive me, for I have been naughty!!!
I have gone and made a Victoria Sponge cake, see evidence above!!!!

Now it is naughty as I am meant to be trying hard to lose some weight for my hols ~ well I am going to Hamburg for a long weekend on Thursday so this week doesn't count right???
BUT I am going on a lazying around, doing nothing, sun, beach and *eek* bikini holiday to Bulgaria in 3 weeks time, yes 3 weeks time, and is my body ready for such exposure well I'm thinking not, especially as we are off to Germany in a few days and will be eating my own weight in delicious foods and ales no doubt, so why oh why I have I made a yummy scrummy cake ~ well unfortunately I don't have an answer! For some reason the kitchen was just screaming 'come and bake, come and bake, it's fun' over and over at me until I finally gave in!

Oh hips and tummy please forgive me ~ I'm only human!!!


  1. Oh yum it looks good.

    Thanks for coming over to see me, I look forward to hearing all about your holidays too.

    Have a lovely time.

    best wishes Ginny

  2. That cake looks scrumptious! My Victoria sponges never rise that high! I'm on a diet too and hubby was recently complaining that I never bake anymore so I made a cake and yes, you guessed, I ate most of it. Oh dear, I couldn't resist it, especially the mixture even before it was baked (maybe that is why mine don't come out that high as I eat most of the mixture first!!)

  3. I say forget the size zero and go for the size normal lol thats a diet of a little of what you fancy doesn't do you any harm. So eat cake and be happy honey.
    Enjoy your holiday. And can I have the recipe for that yummy looking cake and a slice hehe

    Take care

    Catherine x

  4. Thankyou for the heart's now on my blog.....your cake looks lovely.
    Enjoy yoiur break,
    Kat =^..^=

  5. oh yum! Just found your blog, how wonderful!Laurie

  6. That cake is tempting me.....You're right about the price of houses, why are they so dear in the U.K.? When you think what you could get in the States for the same money...

  7. Well Alison, I'll help you eat it! Is that the Be Ro book I spy in the photo below? I love those little books.

    Enjoy your short break in Germany and don't feel too guilty about the cake.

    Marie x

  8. That cake has to be eaten and enjoyed and apparently so I've been told, if you eat it standing up it doesn't count!
    Kim x

  9. Ooohh it has be enjoyed! Tee Hee!
    Yes Marie those are my 2 old Be-ro books, they are so fab and v. handy!
    Alison x

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  11. mmmm - scrummy looking cake!

  12. That looks luciously divine. Oh my I think the calories have jumped right out of the computer screen!

    Some things are just worth it!

  13. Your cake looks delicious ! ~ Julia ~


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