Saturday, 21 July 2007


Last night in the rain, cold and dark I went to get my copy of the lastest and last Harry Potter book!
We were met by a witch at the book store, asked if we had our ticket, then we joined the queue. We queued, we sang the Hogwarts Song, we queued, we swore an oath not to reveal the ending, we queued ... then we counted down ..... it was 12.01am on the 21st July 2007!
We queued excitedly ... then finally .... it was handed over to me in a bright orange paper bag with red ribbon handles!!!!!!

(I'm afraid that's it for today, as I have a book to read don't you know!)


  1. Oh Alison lucky you! Enjoy your Harry Potter...I'm off to buy a copy.

    Marie x

  2. My life's on hold at the moment. nothing else can happen until I've finished the book!
    Kim x

  3. mmmmm.....
    harry potter book and cake
    tracy x

  4. I havent seen my other half for two days!
    He's had his nose in the harry potter book constantly...
    Im going to have to wait for him to finish it before I get a look in!
    I hope its a brilliant read.
    Jennifer x

  5. Have you finished it yet?

  6. No, I haven't finished it yet! I like to take my time, as I like to savour it!
    I am a very quick reader naturally, but with my Harry Potter books I love them so much that I savour them!
    I read only a chapter or two at a time and then put it down and think about everything that has happened and what will happen!
    I'm like someone who likes to take their time and savour chocolate, (incidentally I like to do this too!!!)
    Does this sound crazy?!?
    I could never read it all in one night, that would just spoil the fun for me!!!

  7. I have linked to you...I hope that is ok!
    Happy reading.
    Alison x

  8. I know what you mean about savouring it...I like to do that too!!

  9. Hi,
    I just found your blog through another blog that the lady had bought a wand, so when I saw your Harry Potter post, I thought id share the harry potter love! I havnt got the last book yet, I have just finished the sixth book......These magical books were such a joy to read I almost dont want to finish them!

    Priscilla x


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